CUTZ.ME is a small label founded in the past by youANDme, he made it to realize a few EPs with remixes and special edits, with the aim to keep the original vibe alive, making them dj friendly and with a dancefloor oriented approach. After a hiatus of something like 9 years (the last EP was out on 2011), Martin decides to revitalize this label with the publication of another great translucent wax.
He opts to edit two productions from an old release made by Jesper Dahlback in 2011, which was published on a self titled label called ‘JD Power Tools’; Jesper is a Swedish techno legend and he’s the cousin of the club house / edm artist John Dahlback.
Let’s get into the music pressed in the vinyl record. On a first impact, these edits appear to be two exceptionals club tools, with a muddy drum setup and a typical youANDme’s short synth line, it’s the way he used the sounds and characterized his style around the 2010: a period of time that put his techno music under the spotlight.
If this vinyl is heard on a good soundsystem or hifi (as it should be, put away the headphones once in a while) it seems like to hear the typical reverb perceivable when you’re outside a club, a unique feeling that brings our memories to special moments happened in the past.
The A side is strictly related to a four to the floor rhythm, but on the flip we can found an edit that mixes syncopate moments with an overall booming effect, this happens thanks to an instricate drums combination, also the complex synth pattern enhances the mentalism aroused in the whole production.
Is this record functional to the contemporary youANDme’s publications? Of course it is and it shall not scare any of his “day zero” fans. Even if this sound goes back on track it’s peculiar, revitalizing a great time for electronic music: ‘CUTZ#6’ is an ode to the past and is a statement, because the stuff published by Martin ten or more years ago become a classic; records like this are needed in the contemporary – sometimes confusing – music era.

CUTZ.ME – March 23rd 2020
A Jesper Dahlbäck – A JD Power Tools Vol. II (youANDme Edit)
B Jesper Dahlbäck – B1 JD Power Tools Vol. II (youANDme Edit)

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Review by Matteo Pitton