Artist: Heerhorst
Title: Wimbo
Label: Drumcode
Cat. #: DC295
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 22.12.2023
1. Wimbo
2. Wimbo (6AM Mix)

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The long awaited Herrhorst’s ‘Wimbo’ finally gets released on Drumcode, closing this year’s label catalogue. As many people already noticed, the production has been spotted on many mixes / podcasts and on live environments, such as clubs or lives, being immediately put under the spotlight because its freshness.
Featuring a sample vocal from Zerb’s ‘Mwaki’ (voice by Kenyan singer Sofiya Nzau), the whole production reveals an incredible vibe, fueled by a simple but effective instrumental. Last but not least, the release is closed with a bonus ‘6AM Mix’ that moves into a slower speed, touched with a progressive house squish.

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