Artists: Philipp Rumsch Ensemble
Title: µ: Of Anxiety X Discernment
Label: Denovali
Cat: den333
Format: digital, CD, vinyl
Release Date: April 24th 2020 (vinyl, CD)
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Philipp Rumsch is an interesting composer and musician, during the school years he attended the conservatory, getting a great knowledge of classic instrumentals, but later he integrated his knowings with electronic music subjects, amplifying the coverage of what he can do with his creativity.
Besides his background, he won the Lepizing award for young jazz musicians and had the occasion to collaborate with many musicians, moreover he started to publish his own tracks on traditional formats (cd, vinyl, etc) on Denovali Records.
Anyway the 2020 year sees for him a new adventure, he’s involved in a new album made under his self-titled ‘Enseble’ project: the 10 tracks from ‘µ: Of Anxiety X Discernment’ are a discernment with the subject of anxiety, these have been made and written also by other musicians.
The whole opera reveals styles like electronica, modern classical and jazz, all rendered with a distinctive modernism and personal dedication, avoiding the conventional schemes and structures. Another unique thing is the introduction of vocals, in some of the songs we can hear these samples, speechs or lyrics, that are intensely edited with vocoders, auto tuners and other stuff, bringing an influx of innovation to this kind of composition.

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