Artist: Per Hammar
Title: Pathfinder LP
Label: Dirty Hands
Cat: DH003
Formats: Digital, 3 x 12″ vinyl
Release Dates: May 11th 2020 (vinyl), mid-June 2020 (digital)
A1. Mother
A2. F Dubb 1000
B1. DX Sport
B2. Late For The Trance Gate
C1. Low Bats
C2. If You Have A Mind It Will Wonder
D1. Novo Line
D2. Inter City
E1. Galatea
E2. Passenger Blend
F1. Midnight Print
F2. Manchester Lone Star

As a result of the pubblication of many EPs and remixes, Per Hammar debuts with ‘Pathfinder LP’ on his own imprint Dirty Hands, that’s a cool composition that presents 12 tracks in both digital and vinyl formats.
The album ensembles the many contaminations and influences that affected the artist’s style during these years, a period of time in which he had the occasion to traval across countries such as Germany and Sweden. The productions feature a sound into club and dancefloor alike vibes, which integrates a blend of techno and dub techno parts.
‘Pathfinder LP’  suggests the artist’s search of a new way, a new frontier, a new limit to overcome in the name of the music and of the threats that involved himself in both production and deejaying fields.
The creation of a track vessel like an album can forecasts a real challenge from the artist side, not solely to create a commercial product, but to fix an important step in the music scene, developing, although little, the music culture.
Hopefully the sonorities proposed by Per Hammer can be for himself a finish line and at the same time a new starting point for his musical destinity.

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