Women takeover: in this interview we had a chat with Elisa Elisa, a new school music producer who just get released on Cacao Records with the single track ‘Amazigh’.

– Hello Elisa Elisa, thanks for joining us! How are you doing?

Hey Different Grooves, thank you so much for having me! I am really excited about the release of ‘Amazigh’, I have been working on this track since last year, it feels like I am delivering my lockdown baby! Haha! But I am also really nostalgic… Meaning berber, this track pays a tribute to our ancestors their legacy and to my big brother who joined them 4 years ago. Producing this track was for me really therapeutic, and the collaboration with Emmnauel Jal was just incredible, a dream came true! So I am really grateful!

– Summer 2021 is fastly getting over, music events are such a mirage and the next fall/winter season is a leap in the dark; how would you feel and what are your feelings about it?

Huuu now that you say it anxiety is coming up! During this pandemic I actually learned not to think further than what I would do the next day… So for myself I just go with the flow… But I am just really hoping that clubs will be able to reopen in the same conditions as before the pandemic. It is just heartbreaking to see our scene drowning like this…

– Do you think that all these pandemic related issues affected your approach to music?

Yes and in life in general. But concerning the music it made me realise even more how I should cherish the moment and not let anything stop me! For example, I always wanted to sing, but was so scared… And during a Beatport Stream I just jumped into it and started singing and now singing alongside Emmanuel Jal!

– Let’s focus on your last release on Cacao Records. What can you tell us about it?

I think it was a great healing process for me! Because the sounds of amazigh were in my guts for a while and I needed to express them but it was really hard! During the lockdown I couldn’t avoid it anymore and I had to face those emotions! I practiced a lot with my voice and percussion… It was really spiritual for me but also therapeutic…

My big brother was always representing himself with the berber sign „Yaz“ which means free man. And I think that ‘Amazigh’ is my way for me to accept that he is now a free man surrounded by our Berber ancestors. And I feel that Emmanuel and his spirits were sent to guide us through that hard path.

– How did you come across Emmanuel Jal?

I was working for several months on ‘Amazigh’s groove and back vocals when I met the amazing Keene brothers, Lloyd and Kevin, last summer. They asked me if I had a track for their label Cacao Records and I felt that ‘Amazigh’ was right. They loved it and thought directly of Emmanuel Jal for the main vocal. To be honest I never thought it would work! But Llyod contacted Emmanuel and he said yes! Even if we were only able to speak through video calls, it was just so natural and we clicked so fast! Emmanuel asked me if I had some ideas already on the vocals but I really wanted him to feel free to express his emotions.

He sent me his vocals and I was just so amazed! But we never spoke about the meaning of his vocals nor my beats. Until a month ago, and we realised we were actually sharing the same message! Incredible!

Some things you just can’t explain… I am really grateful I worked with an artist I have been admiring for years but Emmanuel is also such a great soul! He was always telling me how much he loved my voice and encouraged me to sing along with him! And I really thank Lloyd and Kevin for their trust, great support and the genius idea of contacting Emmanuel Jal! And congrats to Kevin for the beautiful artwork.

– What did you mostly enjoy from the making of ‘Amazigh’ ?

I think the collaboration with Emmanuel really blew my mind! First I never imagined this could happen.
And then we talked like we’ve known each other for years. A real artist connection, so strong… I still can’t believe it! Also creating the groove was really enlightening. And I think that singing alongside Emmanuel Jal was incredibly healing!

– Have you got any forthcoming projects you want to tell us about?

Yes, my second EP on Heat Up music will be out in September! My second lockdown baby! And I am so excited to share it! Stay tuned 😉

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!

Thank you so much for sharing my music and thoughts and thank you dear music lovers for checking it out! This is thanks to you that we do what we do!

Elisa Elisa feat. Emmanuel Jal’s Amazigh is out now via Cacao Records. Buy/listen to the release here

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