Artist: Rone
Title: Room With A View
Label: Infiné
Cat: IF1057
Formats: Digital, vinyl, CD
Release Date: April 24th 2020 (digital), May 15th 2020 (CD & vinyl)
1. Lucid Dream
2. La Marbrerie
3. Sophora Japonica
4. Ginkgo Biloba
5. New World
6. Room With A View
7. The Golden Toad
8. Liminal Space
9. Human
10. Babel
11. Esperenza
12. Raverie
13. Solastalgia

Erwan Castex makes his fifth album under the alias Rone, his composition was produced alongside a live show commissioned by the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris and developed together with choreography collective (LA) HORDE and 20 dancers of the Ballet National de Marseille.
The tracks of ‘Room With A View’ don’t come out only from the desire of a single artist, but that’s a work that helps to develop other artistic fields – in this case dance and theatre – melting energies and synergies coming from other people and situations. So we can say that this music can interfaces itself easily with the listener and the audience, thanks to the continuous adaptation from a sonorous sketch to a live or physical performance. The whole sound ranges in the electronic music field, obviously the genres and styles covered are many and make the entire opera organic, we can find hip hop / trap in ‘Ginkgo Biloba’, indie in ‘Human’, downtempo in ‘La Marbrerie’ and finally techno in ‘Raverie’, all these different songs and styles show off the skills and versatility of Rone as music producer.

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