Artist: Kristian Heikkila
Title: Bounce
Label: Konstruktion
Format: Digital
Release Date: 22.03.2024
01. Bounce
02. Soul
03. Lost Rider

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Kristian Heikkila has relaunched his techno record label Konstruktion with a raw and analogue EP titled ‘Bounce.’

Based in Stockholm, Kristian Heikkila is a Swedish artist whose style is heavily influenced by the likes of Robert Hood, and he has previously featured on prestigious record labels ranging from Pan-Pot’s Second State to A.Paul’s Naked Lunch. He also has forthcoming music on Hertz’s recently relaunched imprint Sway.

With a back catalogue that spans over a decade, Kristian Heikkila has a timeless style of techno that orientates around the jackin’ rhythms of fast-paced percussion and jazz-infused energy of hypnotic synth lines.

The title track, “Bounce” opens the release with rhythmic vocal stabs layered over a rumbling bassline and the analogue tones of modulating synths.

Next up, “Soul” fuses soulful vocal tones with menacing chords to create a dark and ominous groove with uplifting undertones.

Last on the release, “Lost Ride” has heavy tom drums and twisted synths giving the track a trippy atmosphere that’s driven by the brutality of the percussion.

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