Artist: Nick Acid
Title: 3.0.3.
Label: Neptun Records
Cat. #: NR115
Format: Digital
Release Date: 06.10.2023
1. 3.0.3.

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Nick Acid drops a fast and furious acid techno release via his record label Neptun Records.

Based in Germany, Nick Acid is a skilled DJ and a talented producer who has released his explosive style via labels including T78’s Autektone and HQN Recordings. He is also host of the Triton Radio show where he plays peak time techno tracks that create driving energy with thundering percussion.

His style is influenced by others such as Reinier Zonneveld, Hi-Lo and Thomas Schumacher who all share his love of high-energy grooves with rave-inspired synth lines that captivate the mind with their enthralling sound design.

“3.0.3.” is the solo track on the release and as the title suggests, it’s built around the building tension of a TB-303 acid synth line. Its rumbling bassline, thumping kick drum and tantalising vocals add to its unstoppable momentum. The track builds as it approaches the breakdown sections with old-school breakbeats and captivating suspense. When the drums slam in, they are combined with the frantic energy of the melody synths that add twisted euphoria to this otherwise dark and ominous cut.

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