Potatoheadz Records is set to release a fresh vinyl record with productions from Fibre Optixxx and DJ Life.
The ‘listening’ key of this EP is the sound experimentation bring in this contemporary era, a period of time that is unfortunately filled with too many mainstream tracks. Two intense emotional peaks are given by Fibre Optixxx’ ‘Hibiscus’ with its peculiar drum n bass influences and by DJ Life’s ‘Butterfly’, a song that allows a sound spaciness with its broken beat rhythm completed with small synths.

Potatoheadz Records – March 13th 2020

A1. Fibre Optixxx – Hive Activity
A2. Fibre Optixxx – Hibiscus
B1. DJ Life – Lightning Ridge
B2. DJ Life – Butterfly

Pre order link: https://potatoheadz.bandcamp.com/album/phz003-biophilia

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