Artist: Ayala (IT)
Title: Njambi
Label: Sol Selectas
Cat. #: SOL107
Format: Digital
Release Date: 27.10.2023
01. Njambi
02. Njambi (Alt Mix)
03. Njambi (Djeff Remix)
04. Njambi (Jaykill Remix)

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Sabo’s record label, Sol Selectas is back with a stunning organic house release by Ayala (IT), which also features invigorating Afro house remixes by Djeff and Jaykill.

Ayala (IT) is a Sol Selectas regular who is back on the imprint with his second solo release after also featuring on three of Sol Selectas’ Summer Sol compilations. The talented Italian artist had also featured his music on other record labels such as Rebirth, MoBlack and Lump Records. This enchanting release is another fine example of his style which is a fusion of vibrant percussion, emotive vocals and heartfelt melodies.

On remix duty, Djeff is a revered Afro house producer from Portugal, but has African heritage that inspires his Afro house style. With love of flowing percussion and organic sounds, his immersive style has been a feature of prestigious record labels ranging from Watergate to his own Kazukuta.

Second of the remixes comes from Jaykill, who’s a French artist making his debut on Sol Selectas following releases on other respected imprints such as Cosmic Awakenings and Shango Records. He is an extremely talented musician and producer who is well-known for his majestic re-edits and atmospheric style of downtempo house.

Alongside the two magnificent remixes, there are two versions of the solo original track that have both been produced by Ayala (IT).

“Njambi” featuring Nes Mburu is the original track on this release, and it’s got tinkling percussion and shuffling rhythms layered with poignant piano chords and a deep bassline. Unfolding with intricate precision, it’s got soothing vocals by Nes Mburu that are both captivating and cinematic. It’s a magnificent piece of music that’s got an uplifting vibe. There is also an Alt Mix that’s been produced by Ayala (IT) too, which is an upbeat version that has tense strings and additional percussion with tribal influence.

Djeff’s remix of Njambi builds a new backing track for the original’s vocals with dramatic synth stabs, new pads and beefed-up percussion. Jaykill’s remix is a refined version that’s true to the original, but with downbeat percussion rhythms that are characteristic to the Afro house sound.

The artwork by Helia Jamali portrays the romance deep in the jungles of Africa.

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