Artist: Poor Pay Rich
Title: Sasamat EP
Label: Moteur Ville Musique
Format: Digital
Release Date: May 20th 2020
1. Sasamat (Original Mix)
2. Sasamat (Shaun Reeves Remix)
3. Sasamat (The Saunderson Brothers Remix)
4. Sunset (Original Mix)

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Poor Pay Rich is rising his reputation in the electronic music scene thanks to his underground and catchy tracks, after getting released on labels such as As Usual Music, Little Helpers, Low Groove and Jaw Dropping, he’s set to debut on the Detroit (USA) based Moteur Ville Musique with ‘Sasamat EP’.
The title track is techno oriented, the main kickdrum with its booming sound covers the absence of a bassline, suggesting a warehouse party vibe, also the traits of the synths recall the typical attitude of such instruments used in the minimal songs published around 2010: in the overall this sound combination is good and attractive.

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