Artist Various
Title: Disco Ruin (Soundtrack) – Sampler
Cat. #: OPCMLTDCD021-S
Release Date: – Monday, June 21 2021
01 Analisi 91 – Disco Magic (Unreleased Version)
02 Domenico Scuteri – We Are Full
03 Daniele Baldelli – Cosmic Drag
04 I-Robots – Lucky Star ft. Hard Ton (Rimini Rimini Version)
05 NicoNote – Neverending
06 Stratosferic Band – Splashdown (7 Version)
07 I-Robots – Dirty Talk ft. Donna McGhee (Unreleased Dub)
08 Emanuele Matte – House Track Disco Ruin
09 Alexander Robotnik – C’Est La Vie (Short Edit)
10 Paolo Martini – Jungle Boogie
11 Francesco Farfa – Peace Treaty #1
12 Alex Neri – Housetrack (Original Mix)

“Opilec Music and I-Robots recently had the pleasure of developing the soundtrack for the upcoming Lisa Bosi & Francesca Zerbetto’s movie “Disco Ruin” by Sonne Film production & K+.

Disco Ruin is officially the first movie that looks back at over 40 year of Italian nightlife, people, culture fashion and architecture.

This vibrant and amazing sound history of the home of Italo features some legendary artists like Danielli Baldelli, Alexander Robotnick, Alex Neri, Paolo Martini, Stratosferic Band, Hard Ton and of course I-Robots himself.

Featuring unreleased Emanuele Matte’s cuts alongside some stone cold classics this soundtrack is the embodiment of one of the richest periods of time in musical history. Covering quite some territory in terms of sonics, I-Robots has put together a collection that takes you on a journey through the high points of Italy’s dance music history.

The official soundtrack for the Disco Ruin movie is out on special release alongside the movie in 2021, a story spanning early Disco, Italo through to the modern Techno and House music scenes that flourish now.”