Artist: VIL
Title: Ritmica EP
Label: Hardgroove
Cat. #: Hardgroove029
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Release Date: 7th February 2020 (Vinyl)
Swing My Ass (Digital Only)

After releasing a track via Ben Sims’ Tribology compilation in 2018, VIL drops his ‘Ritmica EP’ on the British DJ’s legendary Hardgroove imprint this February.

Previous output for Synewave, Analog Solutions and Planet Rhythm have won Lisbon’s VIL support from across the techno community and the ‘Ritmica EP’s propellant cuts continue a strong discography.

Opener ’97-1’ is an urgent heads-down affair that rarely takes a breath, instead relying on the ebb and flow of pads to provide contrast to the undulating bass and punchy rhythm track. ‘Field’, taken from last year’s Tribology comp, is next up and unfolds a little more slowly with creeping breakbeats laying the grit atop a detailed hypnotic groove. On the flip, ‘Breaker’ and ‘Hawav’ go for the late-night dance floor assault from the off, the former employing breaks and phased, percussive lead sounds to substantial effect while the latter lets loose with distorted kicks and chewy, arpeggiated bass.

A digital only cut, the 909 fuelled ‘Swing My Ass’ wraps things up in classic, Detroit referencing style.