The Greek artist Fluxion became important for his style, which is affected by dub techno influences and by smooth house and techno, this gave him the opportinity to get released on revenued labels such as Echocord and Chain Reaction.
This year, the 2020, marks the return of Fluxion on his own label with the publication of a new album titled ‘Perspectives’. The 10 tracks featured range from 4/4 to atypical structures, elevating the album potential and showing off the artist’s music evolution, which is detaching from that usual style that labelled him for most of his career.
There are some dub chords put there and there, but that’s not the songs’ main success factor, in fact in all the productions glimpse a relaxing and meditative element that allows the whole sound to express as its best.

Vibrant Music – March 20th 2020

01. Schism
02. Formation
03. Within
04. Glimpses
05. Dawn
06. Glimpses II
07. Down The Line
08. Distance
09. Cliff
10. Promise

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