Artist: Wax
Title: 90009
Label: WAX
Cat. #: WAX90009
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 3.05.2024
A. WAX90009A
B. WAX90009B

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Rene Pawlowitz makes an amazing return on his Wax alias, releasing a self-titled release on hand stamped white label vinyl. ‘90009’ features two tracks, which greatly represent the artist’s vision of electronic music, especially oriented to techno sonorities. The A side recalls in all its glory the oldschool makings by Mr. Pawlowitz released as Shed (Ostgut Ton), where large and booming kickdrums meet uplifting and dreamy synths. On the other side the song goes into dub techno fields: the instrumental have a fixed texture, while the melodic part coexists genuinely with it, interacting in a genuine manner.

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