Artist: François X
Title: CEO
Label: XX Lab
Cat. #: XXL005
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 16.06.2023
1. Infinite Anthems
2. WonderlightSkin
3. Work Hangover
4. Cowboy Executive Officer
5. My NDA Broken
6. Dream Fantasy

Futuristic and cross cutting: Francois X outputs on his label XX Lab a fresh EP titled ‘CEO’ (acronym which stands for Cowboy Executive Officer). On the release there are featured six energic and solid productions, where a great set of sonorities reveal to be cohesive and attractive. Mainly focused into techno, but enriched with styles and influences that make the whole track package engaging: on the first song ‘Infinite Anthems’ it’s noticeable an underground approach to trap like OG Maco or Bones, while on ‘Work Hangover’ and on the title track the attitude reflectes a contemporary wave/way to interpret rave inspired techno. ‘Broken Dreams’ closes the release with a cloud rap inspired instrumental, which slows everything down and soothes the listening environment.

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