Various ‘Ciao Italia. Generazioni Underground Vol. 2’

Artist: Various
Title: Ciao Italia. Generazioni Underground Vol. 2
Label: Rebirth
Cat: REB127
Format: Digital, 2 x vinyl
Release Date: July 29th 2022
A1) E.v.o.e ‘I Don’t Wanna Give Up Your Love’ (Leopardo Boom Boom Mix) (1993 Unreleased)
A2) Exotica ‘Fluteride’ (5th Floor Mix)
A3) Beat Foundation ‘More’
A4) Marco Erroi & Luigi Cordella ‘Fututo Fluido’ (2022 Unreleased)
B1) Donato Dozzy & Rumi ‘Flusso’ (2022 Unreleased)
B2) World Famous Martinez Orchestra ‘Rushlight’
B3) Edward’s World ‘Fluting with my Mc’ (1999 Unreleased)
B4) T.R.A. ‘Tribal Groove’
C1) Baia Club ‘Shine On’ (Tides On The Bay Mix) (2022 Unreleased)
C2) Riviera Traxx ‘Parfume 1’
C3) Tc 1992 ‘Funky Guitar’ (Sure Shot Groove Mix)
C4) Joe Montana ‘Nimbus’ (Tulbat Mix) (1994 Unreleased)
D1) Anjuna Feat. Cirillo ‘Anjuna’s Dream’ (Magia Version)
D2) Leo Rosi ‘XTC (Walkin’ On Milky Way Blvd)’
D3) Cosmo ‘LaLaLaa’ (2022 Unreleased)
D4) Vienna ‘Tell Me’ (Innerspace Mix)

Buy link: https://rebirthrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/ciao-italia-generazioni-underground-volume-due

Compilation briefing: the ‘Ciao Italia. Generazioni Underground’ installment comes to its second edition, this project curated by the label Rebirth features again a great collection of oldschool productions, representing the house/techno explorative process happened in Italy during the 90s. Compared to the first edition released in 2021, the songs selected in this one are focused to the melodies: in the majority of the themes we can find synths, strings and chords which gladdens the listening and arouse a dreamy state of mind.

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