Kito Kempere feat. Adam Evald & Аhtoxa МС ‘Let’s Hold Our Hands Together Remixes’

Artist: Kito Kempere, Adam Evald, Аhtoxa МС
Title: Let’s Hold Our Hands Together Remixes
Label: System One Hundred And Eight (108)
Cat. #: S108-011R
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: Janaury 27th 2023
Lipelis Disco Mix
Eden Burns Remix
Eden Burns Dub
Original Disco Mix

Buy link: https://kitojempere.bandcamp.com/album/lets-hold-our-hands-together

Oldschool inspired theme ‘Let’s Hold Our Hands Together’ receives a well made remix treatment by Lipelis and Eden Burns. Disco and phat house sounds get revisited genuinely without smasching the original, while the bpm speed keeps moderate the playback goes smooth and contagious, spreading a carefree vibe and an easy listening approach to the music. The original was released in November 2022 by the international collaboration risen between Kito Kempere, the vocalist Adam Evald and Аhtoxa МС on the trumpet; the remixes are already available on digital format and the vinyl version will see the light in the next months (just have a look on the Bandcamp link above for further updates).

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