Scenery The Remixes

Mattia Trani ‘Scenery The Remixes’

Artist: Mattia Trani
Title: Scenery The Remixes
Label: Pushmasters Discs
Format: Digital, 3 x vinyl 12″
Release Date: 30.06.2023
01. One More Step (Robert Hood Re-Plant)
02. Scenery (Ken Ishii Remix)
03. One More Step (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)
04. Videogame (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
05. No Future (Indira Paganotto Remix)
06. Biologic Horror (Paul Ritch Remix)
07. Inner Hardships (Luigi Madonna Acid Mix)
08. End Of Days? (Alignment Remix)
09. Biologic Horror (Lee Ann Roberts Remix)
10. Endless Optimism (K91 Remix)
11. Scenery (Fedele Re-Shape)
12. Endless Optimism (MatGroove Remix)
13. Inner Hardships (Luigi Madonna Remix)
14. Endless Optimism (Gianma Bln Remix)

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Mattia Trani’s ‘Scenery’ album was published in June 2021 and featured a set of fifteen futuristic and well designed techno, electronica and broken beat productions; after two years from that release he’s set to show off a remix compilation featuring attracting and groovy sounds. All the interpretations recall them original mixes motifs and are structured into four to the floor patterns, thanks also to juicy and appealing instrumentals the whole package becomes significant and fulfilling. Without focussing too much on each remixer name – we can find both newcomers and experienced artists – the tracks presented share a nice and hot vibe, easily catching the listener’s attention – that’s a great thing difficult to find in most of the contemporary productions. Another blazing feature of this compilation is the variance of styles offered, which represent the wide and neverending way to interpret the diversity of techno substyles.

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