Alex Dolby ‘Multiple Visions’

Artist: Alex Dolby
Title: Multiple Visions
Label: Sequenzial Shift
Cat. #: SQZ006
Format: Digital
Release Date: 29.04.2024
01. Multiple Visions
02. Dynamic Construction
03. Night Shift
04. Ordinary Days
05. Corrosive Friends
06. Kicker
07. Ghost
08. Blind Channel

Buy link: https://sequenzialshift.bandcamp.com/album/multiple-visions

Sequenzial Shift is the newest label project from Italy’s Alex Dolby that focuses on avant-garde techno, ranging into abstract sound design and analogue experimentation.

A veteran artist of the scene and highly prized producer, Alex is known for releasing on labels like Developer’s Modularz, Emmanuel’s ARTS, Marco Bailey’s MB Elektronics, Evod Music, Teksupport and his now defunct Affekt Recordings.

His educated sound is much loved around the world and ‘Multiple Visions’ is an album that steps into a creative palette of raw ideas, dystopian textures and dub techno aesthetics.

Beginning with the title track “Multiple Visions,” a sparse soundscape experience with a huge juddering kick as its focal point. Second up is “Dynamic Construction,” that has a straight stabbing groove with a Detroit-esque, deep vibe at its core. “Night Shift” is a complex and trippy journey into abstract and conceptual percussion. “Ordinary Days” is a cavernous apex in the album with an infectious bouncing bassline. “Corrosive Friends” uses its sounds like a bubbling melting pot of sonic exploration. Next is “Kicker,” a raw, club-fuelled cut with energy injected from an acid-influenced hook and sizzling surface noise. “Ghost” brings the collection into a melancholic state of dreamy tones that adds a warm 4/4 kick for an extra sense of absorption. Finishing up with “Blind Channel,” it’s a dark and moody voyage, like that of a cinematic, sci-fi excursion.

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