Pig&Dan + Gregor Tresher ‘Soulcatcher’

Artist: Pig&Dan + Gregor Tresher 
Cat. #: TRUE12140
Label: Truesoul
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release date: 16.07.2021 (digital) / 31.03.2023 (vinyl)
A1 Metalife
A2 Endgame
A3 Hullcrusher
A4 Hermetic Culture
A5 Moonbreaker
B1 The Entrance
B2 Dot Hallucinations
B3 Soulcatcher
B4 Become The Sky
B5 Ultraviolet

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Truesoul brings back to life ‘Soulcatcher’, an album made by Pig&Dan and Gregor Tresher that was only available in streaming platforms since July 2021. After two years the sound concept is still amazing and visionary, the whole tracklist reveals to be fresh and embracing, sign of a worthy rebirth which will fill soon a few gaps in contemporary electronic music. The robustness from Pig&Dan’s style meets the melodic and dreamy approach to the synths by Gregor Tresher, creating pacific and enveloping soundscapes.

“It’s great to finally release Soulcatcher on all platforms and on vinyl as well – it´s only been out on Spotify up until now and the feedback on it was amazing, so the decision to finally give it a proper release came naturally for Adam and us as well. We are very excited!” – Gregor Tresher

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