Sidney Charles

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The younger the artist, the shorter his Biography! But Sidney Charles in his age of twenty-something already
looks into many happy faces, when he enters the decks. Everybody, who understands this love-binding kind of
music, has to live the urban movement behind it, the culture that brings people of all kinds together. Exactly
these motions are fascinating the young man, born as Sidney Charles Hurricane Vieljans in Hamburg,
Germany. At the age of 15 Sidney Charles discovered the magic of the two black discs spinning on the 1210s.
At the beginning Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Breakbeat and Turntablism was Sidney´s medium to express his
emotions. Highly delighted and inspired by the time of the late 80s and early 90s, when the movement,
accompanied by youth culture, began, Sidney was finding that House & Techno Grooves combined with
higher BPM-numbers were leading to more inspiration and happiness. He is not a musician, nor a
percussionist. He is a collector. A collector of culture and experiences. The energy and feeling around the
music is what makes the difference and letting Sidney Charles not be one of many.
Sidney released several Songs on renowned labels like Avotre, Off Recordings, VIVa MUSiC, Area Remote,
Suara, Jeudi, Kling Klong, Mr. Nice Guy, Variante Music,…
His Tracks are supported by acts like Loco Dice, Dj Sneak, Fatboy Slim, Marco Carola, Karotte, Pig & Dan,
Monika Kruse, Stewe Lawler, Martin Eyerer, Santé, Robert Dietz, Gregor Thresher, Matthias Kaden, Nick
Curly and many more.



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