Felipe Gordon ‘The Warehouse Beast’

Artist: Felipe Gordon
Title: The Warehouse Beast
Remixer: Glenn Underground
Label: toucan sounds
Cat. #: YTCWVYL06
Format: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 8th September 2023
01 The Warehouse Beast
02 It’s Over (Drive My Car)
03 The Warehouse Beast (Glenn Underground Medusa Mix)

toucan sounds welcomes Felipe Gordon for ‘The Warehouse Beast’, a timeless house record and a tripped-out remix from Chicago mainstay Glenn Underground

Felipe Gordon’s low-slung and funky title track ‘The Warehouse Beast’ kicks off with deep drums and playful chords. It’s a nice loose-limbed cut infused with jazzy melodies and muffled vocals that spread warmth. It’s an irresistible groove that shows off Gordon’s ability to tap into truly emotive feelings. His brilliant ‘It’s Over (Drive My Car)’ picks up the pace but stays low and deep, its smeared chords like rays of fading sun while its elastic bassline roams free down low.

Glenn Underground is a house pioneer. His jazzy style and complex grooves have defined a uniquely deep and musical take on the genre over the last 25+ years. He remixes ‘The Warehouse Beast’ with his usual style – dreamy and cosmic chords, atmospheric samples and an introspective mood that is full of beauty.

Felipe Gordon is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and label head who recently founded Wide Awake. He fuses everything from jazz motifs to lush piano and acid bass into his house cuts on the likes of Shall Not Fade, Toy Tonics, Clone Royal Oak and Razor-N-Tape..


Alinka ‘I’m Your Ghost EP’

Artist: Alinka
Title: I’m Your Ghost EP
Label: Rekids
Cat. #: REKIDS228
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Release Date: 8th September 2023
A1. Teachers
A2. I’m Your Ghost
B1. I Still Believe
B2. 909 Lives

Alinka Returns to Rekids with her latest EP ‘I’m Your Ghost’

Following the relaunch of her label Twirl alongside Shaun J. Wright, Alinka now brings her brand new EP ‘I’m Your Ghost’ to Radio Slave‘s Rekids. Having made frequent appearances within its catalogue, her ‘I’m Your Ghost’ EP sees the Ukranian-born, Chicago-raised and Berlin-residing producer return with four eclectic and club-orientated house tracks. These will sit amongst her previous releases on Permanent Vacation, Needwant, HE.SHE.THEY and Crosstown Rebels.

“This EP is a dedication to Chicago, and all the “teachers” that made me fall in love with House Music. They’re tracks for the dance floor. I wrote them for the people who are too busy dancing to stare at the DJ.” Alinka

‘Teachers’ is the first cut presented on ‘I’m Your Ghost’ with its sharp percussive layers building towards the well-honed grooves in its composition. Title-track ‘I’m Your Ghost’ punches through next with weighty, wobbling subs placed against a catchy lead. ‘I Still Believe’ is featured with rising chord progressions and pounding kicks as ‘909 Lives’ draws the EP to a close with an intricate mix of synths and striding drum work, paying homage to its title. It’s a package highlighting why Alinka is on an unstoppable rise, with support from some of the biggest names across house music.



Markus Eden ‘Dub Siren EP’

Artist: Markus Eden
Title: Dub Siren EP
Label: Creche Records
Cat. #: CRE005
Format: Digital
Release Date: 8th September 2023
1. Dub Siren
2. Artemis
3. Long Distance

Markus Eden brings a cross-section of fresh house sounds on the fifth EP from the ever more vital Creche Records.

Eden hails from Cyprus and has been deep in the music world for many years. Along the way, he’s done it all from early hardcore and breakbeat to jungle and drum & bass, 2-step and house. He has lived across Europe and held several residencies while nowadays he is one of the scene-leaders back in Cyprus. Following outings on the likes of Digital Delight and Sultry Vibes, he now makes his mark on London’s Creche Records.

Heavy opener ‘Dub Siren’ is rock solid, with coarse metallic hits and low-slung bass underneath the edgy sirens that ring out into the mix. It’s a dense and serious sound for sweaty floors. ‘Artemis’ then heads off to the cosmos with more silky and sci-fi synth lines and slinky drums. It’s a seductive track with a future-facing atmosphere and plenty of deft sound design. Last of all is ‘Long Distance’, a spaced-out house trip that rides on shuffling drums as melancholic chords bring deep feelings. It echoes the machine soul of Detroit’s finest and is a timeless tune from Eden.

This is a potent and club-ready EP full of irresistible house heat in all its many forms.



Maccari ‘Deep Convolution’

Artist: Maccari
Title: Deep Convolution
Label: Mind Medizin
Cat. #: MDZN015
Format: Digital
Release Date: 8th September 2023
01 Deep Convolution
02 Resurgence
03 Deep Convolution (Blasha & Allatt Remix)

Lady Tazz’s vital Mind Medizin label heads to Brazil and the talents of Maccari for this new EP, which also comes with a remix from the UK duo Blasha & Allatt.

Arthur Maccari is a fast-rising new school talent who has released on Liberta Records, Ovum Records and many more. His uncompromising style has taken him onto the international stage, and now he is making another big step up on the increasingly high-profile Mind Medizin.

The excellent EP opens with ‘Deep Convolution’, a tightly woven and heavily percussive groove with fluttering toms and glitchy claps peeling off the slick, high-speed groove. It’s perfectly linear and detailed with edgy synth motifs that bring an alluring atmosphere. Maccari shows another side to his sound on ‘Resurgence’, a more roughed-up bleep-techno monster. The drums never quit, and the synths grow ever more manic as dark voices and thumping drums constantly turn up the pressure.

Remixers Blasha & Allatt are co-founders and residents of the influential Meat Free parties, famously wild techno raves. Their sounds draw from that energy, as shown here when they flip ‘Deep Convolution’ into a more loose and futuristic techno soundscape. It has molten future synths and a jumble of restless percussion that cannot fail to loosen up the floor and lock it in for takeoff.

Maccari’s ‘Deep Convolution’ is another dark and seductive techno EP from the always kinky Mind Medizin crew.



atsou, Umami & Djupa Hav ‘Never Wanted To Be’

Artist: atsou, Umami & Djupa Hav
Title: Never Wanted To Be
Label: Human By Default
Cat. #: HBD030
Format: Digital
Release Date: 8th September 2023
01 Never Wanted To Be
02 Water
03 Serial Offender
04 Serial Offender (Dub Version)

Bedouin’s versatile Human By Default imprint enlists atsou, Umami & Djupa Hav for their new single ‘Never Wanted To Be’


‘Never Wanted To Be’ is a collaboration between multi-genre artists atsou, Umami and Djupa Hav, featuring three tracks demonstrating the wealth of experience between these artists. Madorasindahouse’s atsou, who has played a significant role in the Afro House genre for the past few years, makes his debut on the label alongside the rock, jazz and electronic-influenced duo Umami, who have seen their previous releases on Human by Defaultgetting critical acclaim by DJs and dance floors around the world. And tagging along are Djupa Hav, with their first-time contribution to the label, who provided the vocals and lyrics for the songs.

Another diverse tracklist handpicked by the Bedouin pair, each offering features the ethereal beats and sweeping acoustic soundscapes which have made the Human By Default trademark. Title-track ‘Never Wanted To Be’ combines a mysterious vocal, a pulsing bassline, and laid-back, rhythmic drum work. ‘Water’ follows suit amongst shifting percussive layers, a sung arpeggio and ghostly synths. Then with its dub version, ‘Serial Offender’ moves through a mesh of strung, organic melodies, delicate bass pads and sleek production.


Jasper Tygner ‘Off Season EP’

Artist: Jasper Tygner
Title: Off Season EP
Label: LG105
Cat. #: TYG1
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 15.09.2023 (digital), November 2023 (vinyl)
Ready (feat. Art School Girlfriend)
So Unknown (feat. DJ Boring)

Jasper Tygner plunges himself into a luminous and celestial sound. ‘Off Season EP’ is hosted on LG105 and features five tracks, representing a contemporary blend of deep, progressive and organic house, which go through emotions and feelings in a precise way. All the vibes bow to show respect in the presence of these royalty sounds and motifs, achieving a great overall result.

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Frank & Tony ‘Understanding’

Artist: Frank & Tony
Title: Understanding
Label: Scissor and Thread
Cat. #: sat059
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 15.09.2023
A1. We Begin
A2. Understanding
B1. We Begin (Frank & Tony and Will Long Wide Open Edit)

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Francis Harris and Anthony Collins continue their musical journey with the publication of ‘Understanding’ EP. Hosted by the great label Scissor and Thread, we cannot notice the meaningful title that prelude to the sonorities shared by the artists, a kind of music which goes deep and introspective. While the drums and the bassline lay smoothly, the synths or pads gently caress them, gifting the listener a sense of shelter and protection. Although the mood aroused seems to fit like a sartorial work, that’s expressed in a calm style and this feature helps to welcome the songs into ourselves.

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Alexander Kowalski ‘Lost In The Depths’

Artist: Alexander Kowalski
Title: Lost In Depths
Label: ARTS
Cat. #: ARTSW010
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 29.09.2023
1. Lost In The Depths
2. Elements
3. Lights In The Darkness
4. Promising Whispers

Alexander Kowalski’s ‘Lost In The Depths’ brings the listeners to another level of deepness. Hosted by the notorious ARTS, the EP features four intriguing and catchy techno productions, ready to be played in the best parties in the forthcoming fall season. The artist seems to be pleased with the swiftness of the decision to use precise sound setups, the approach is simple but effective: all the songs share strong vibes without resort to complicated drums or synths. All the featured productions just stand out from the flock, anyway ‘Lost In The Depths’ and ‘Elements’ catch immediatly the attention, them hold egregious motifs that add a sensuous and mysterious charm.

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Will Simpson ‘Flesh’

Artist: Will Simpson
Title: Flesh
Label: Native Drum
Cat. #: ND003
Format: Digital
Release Date: 15 September 2023

Detroit native, Will Simpson returns with yet another deep and soulful House offering. A sermon from the past taken from the memoirs of ancestors. ‘Flesh’ is a dark and melodic Afrocentric passion piece full of pain, love, calamity and inspiration that grabs the soul of the listener.


Subjoi ‘Rotary EP’

Artist: Subjoi
Title: Rotary EP
Label: Lost Palms
Cat. #: PALMS061
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 01.09.2023
1. Know You Better
2. No More
3. Rotary
4. Parsec
5. Carey Street

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Subjoi returns on Lost Palms with his wavy and airy musical behaviour. The five songs put into ‘Rotary EP’ immediately trigger the attention: while conveying seriousness and elegance, the whole sound abstracts into a neverending and carefree mood, a great result get without adopting the traditional four to the floor drum patterns. On the A side the inner tracks ‘No More’ and ‘Rotary’ simply represent the best EP songs, them are expressed in a lofty style, often to the point of being contemplative. On the flip we can find also some inspiring typical UK influences like drum n bass in ‘Parsec’ and garage/2 step in ‘Carey Street’.

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