BNA047 - Artwork

Cereus & Revibe ‘Kula’

Artist: Cereus & Revibe
Title: Kula
Label: Baikal Nomads
Cat. #: BNA047
Format: Digital
Release Date: 02.06.2023
01. Kula
02. Chandra
03. Kula (Veytik Remix)
04. Chandra (Alex Doering Remix)
05. Kula (Timboletti Remix)

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Baikal Nomads is a record label focused on organic house with deep atmosphere and melodic grooves. The label’s latest release features collaborative original music from Cereus and Revibe along with stunning remixes by Veytik, Alex Doering and Timboletti.

There are two original tracks on this release that include the collaboration, plus a solo production by Cereus. Both of the original artists are from Denver, USA and Revibe is an emerging talent making his debut with this stunning release.

Cereus is making his debut on Baikal Nomads following an exquisite debut on the Suprematic record label where he showcased his downtempo blend of ethereal atmosphere and enchanting melodies.

On remix duty, Veytik is an American artist from New York whose mystical tracks have been released on respected organic house record labels ranging from Harabe to Cafe De Anatolia.

Alex Doering is a Baikal Nomads regular who provides a spine-tingling remix in the style that he has featured on other imprints such as Kosa, The Purr and trndmsk.

The last of the remixes comes from Timboletti, a renowned German artist who has been pioneering organic house since the genre’s inception and has an impressive back catalogue including music on Sol Selectas, Kindisch, Do Not Sit, 3000 Grad Records and Stil Vor Talent.

“Kula” is the collaborative original and it opens the release with rattling organic percussion and majestic pads that create an uplifting atmosphere with a soothing vibe.

“Chandra” is the solo original by Cereus and it’s a spellbinding track with sweeping synths and pulsating rhythms that are cut by rushes of sparkling melody and it unfolds with building tension.

Veytik’s remix of “Kula” drops the tempo and adds vocal chants that give the track an indigenous vibe full of psychedelic and shamanistic vibes.

Timboletti’s remix of “Kula” adds trippy synths with techy undertones that lead into the soothing synths of the original as the track moves towards the spiralling textures of the breakdown.

Alex Doering’s remix of “Chandra” adds hallucinatory vocal textures and stabbing synth chords along with a prominent snare that helps him create a dramatic remix that lifts the energy of the original.

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Benjamin Philippe Zulauf ‘dɒɡɪd Part II’

Artist: Benjamin Philippe Zulauf
Title: dɒɡɪd Part II
Label: Hummingbird by BPZ
Cat. #: HUMMD008
Format: Digital
Release Date: 02.06.2023
01. Le King Charbon
02. Subtly Vibing
03. Exit Reality
04. Honkytonks

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Benjamin Philippe Zulauf’s record label Hummingbird by BPZ is a deep tech imprint that orientates around raw, stripped-back and atmospheric grooves.

The label’s new release is a four-track EP by Benjamin Philippe Zulauf which orientates around four timeless tracks with analogue production and smooth sound design.

Benjamin Philippe Zulauf was born in Switzerland, raised in the UK, but also spent a number of years living in Australia. He has also travelled a lot and experienced many different music cultures, all of which have left their mark on his sound.

Some of his main influences include the likes of Mike Shannon and DJ Qu, but has also been inspired by others ranging from Jeff Mills to DJ Sotofett.

Along with releases on his own imprint, Benjamin Philippe Zulauf’s music has been released via other record labels such as Claap Rec, Vekton Black and Fourier Transform. He is a skilled DJ that has played alongside artists ranging from Shonky to Hot Since 82, and his music has been supported in the sets of others such as Laurent Garnier, DJ Rolando, DJ Sprinkles, DJ Bone, Fred P and Âme.

“Le King Charbon” opens the release with shuffling hi-hats and crisp claps that form the framework for a rolling bassline, jazzy melodies and gliding pads inspired by the classic sound of Detroit.

“Subtly Vibing” is a chunky track with gritty percussion and an acid bassline forming a foundation for trippy vocal textures, moody pads and shimmering melodies.

“Exit Reality” is a murky track with submerged pads and raw percussion built around pitched tom drums, fizzing hi-hats and a mind-bending acid line.

“Honkytonks” close out the release with pitch-bent synths playing a sun-drenched chord progression that has upbeat vibes perfect for sunrise sessions. Its upbeat percussion rhythms and metallic atmospherics add to its feel-good ensemble.

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Marc Romboy ‘Music Made For Aliens Remixes’

Artist: Marc Romboy
Title: Music Made For Aliens Remixes
Label: Awesome Sound Wave
Cat. #: ASWR043
Format: Digital
Release Date: June 2023

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The last album signed by Marc Romboy ‘Music Made For Aliens’ gets a well deserved remix treatment by a solid collective of techno heavyweights. Without focussing on each remixer name, the original themes have been greatly revisited, elevating, rediscovering and expanding the potential of every production. The originals were quiet and thoughtful, features that show the personal and researched artist’s vision, while these new interpretations allow the adjustment of the various motifs into club/dancefloor oriented contexts, inspired to the near summer season.

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GR329 - Unconventional EP

Marbox ‘Uncoventional’

Artist: Marbox
Title: Uncoventional
Label: Gain Records
Cat. #: GR329
Format: Digital
Release Date: 26.05.2023
01. Unconventional
02. Unconventional (Mozzy Rekorder Remix)
03. Green Eyes Speaking

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Sisko Electrofanatik’s record label Gain Records welcomes a dark and driving peak time techno release from Marbox, which also includes a remix by Mozzy Rekorder.

Marbox is an Italian artist from Turin whose style is a fusion of explosive percussion and menacing synth lines that create hard-hitting grooves. He is making his Gain Records debut following releases on respected techno imprints such as Odd Recordings, JAM, Codex, Reload and Riot.

Stepping up on remix duty, Mozzy Rekorder is a Gain Records regular who blends enthralling synth lines and high-velocity percussion to produce tracks that have unrelenting momentum. His tracks and remixes can also be found on other scene-leading record labels ranging from Terminal M to OFF Recordings.

“Unconventional” is first of the two originals and it opens the release with a monstrous kick drum, juddering high-end percussion and a hypnotic vocal sample, which lays the foundation for sweeping dystopian synths.

Mozzy Rekorder’s remix of Unconventional works in a pulsating bassline and acid synth line, which along with the original’s brutal percussion, creates a tantalising rework.

“Green Eyes Speaking” closes the release with fast-paced percussion rhythms and a thumping kick drum that’s overlaid with the ominous tones of spine-tingling synths. Its industrial undertones and stripped-back sound design deliver a ruthless energy.

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Black Light Smoke ‘Ghosts’

Artist: Black Light Smoke
Title: Ghosts
Label: Scissor And Thread
Cat. #: SAT058LP
Format: Digital, 2 x vinyl
Release Date: 02.06.2023
01/A1. Sprinkles Says
02/A2. 727 Anthem (House Is Back)
03/A3. Hearts Not Broken feat. Léah Lazonick
04/B1. Pleasure Chaser
05/B2. The Beat Direct
06/B3. Love Triangle
07/C1. Ghosts feat. Léah Lazonick
08/C2. Out From Within
09/C3. Prisoner
10/D1. At Home In Strange Places
11/D2. Resonate
12/D3. In The Valley
13. Ghosts feat. Leah Lazonick (Dark Disco Mix)
14. Nighttime Honey
15. The Storm (Bandcamp exclusive)

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Black Light Smoke shares through his forthcoming ‘Ghosts’ album an intriguing and personal way to interpret house music. The tracks are inspired by typical 90s/oldschool motifs and styles, which feature melancholic and introspective states of mind, conditions empowered by the kind of samples used: well sounding drum machine loops (hardware geeks will recognize them), a less is more approach to build the groove patterns that integrate well with other part of the tracks such as basslines, pads or synths. Scissor and Thread hosts another great composition, bearing an authentic witness of sound research and depart from the mainstream electronic music.

I found my purpose and identity in New York’s scene. House music was the soundtrack to this transformative decade in my life. There were the iconic clubs like Cielo and Output, but also the golden era of after parties – there’s nothing as beautiful as that. This LP kinda closes that chapter of my life while creating music that I feel stays true to my roots.”

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Scenery The Remixes

Mattia Trani ‘Scenery The Remixes’

Artist: Mattia Trani
Title: Scenery The Remixes
Label: Pushmasters Discs
Format: Digital, 3 x vinyl 12″
Release Date: 30.06.2023
01. One More Step (Robert Hood Re-Plant)
02. Scenery (Ken Ishii Remix)
03. One More Step (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)
04. Videogame (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
05. No Future (Indira Paganotto Remix)
06. Biologic Horror (Paul Ritch Remix)
07. Inner Hardships (Luigi Madonna Acid Mix)
08. End Of Days? (Alignment Remix)
09. Biologic Horror (Lee Ann Roberts Remix)
10. Endless Optimism (K91 Remix)
11. Scenery (Fedele Re-Shape)
12. Endless Optimism (MatGroove Remix)
13. Inner Hardships (Luigi Madonna Remix)
14. Endless Optimism (Gianma Bln Remix)

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Mattia Trani’s ‘Scenery’ album was published in June 2021 and featured a set of fifteen futuristic and well designed techno, electronica and broken beat productions; after two years from that release he’s set to show off a remix compilation featuring attracting and groovy sounds. All the interpretations recall them original mixes motifs and are structured into four to the floor patterns, thanks also to juicy and appealing instrumentals the whole package becomes significant and fulfilling. Without focussing too much on each remixer name – we can find both newcomers and experienced artists – the tracks presented share a nice and hot vibe, easily catching the listener’s attention – that’s a great thing difficult to find in most of the contemporary productions. Another blazing feature of this compilation is the variance of styles offered, which represent the wide and neverending way to interpret the diversity of techno substyles.

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Various ’20 Years Of Catz ‘n Dogz’

Artist: Various
Title: 20 Years Of Catz ‘n Dogz
Label: Cats Recordings
Cat. #: PETS172
Format: Digital
Release Date: 12.05.2023
01 – Catz ’n Dogz & Gerd Janson – Modern Romance
02 – Chucky 73 – Bzrp 43 – Catz ‘n Dogz Remix
03 – Disclosure – Hourglass (Catz ‘N Dogz Remix / Audio) ft. LION BABE
04 – Róisín Murphy – Evil Eyes (Catz ‘n Dogz Remix)
05 – Thomas Schumacher – Hush (Catz ’n Dogz Remix)
06 – RÜFÜS DU SOL – You Were Right (Catz ‘N Dogz Remix)
07 – BICEP – The Game [Catz N’ Dogz Interpolation Remix] 08 – Marlena Shaw – Woman Of The Ghetto (Catz ‘n Dogz Remix)
09 – Catz ’n Dogz – Kiki (Solomun Remix)
10 – Catz ’n Dogz – New Love
11 – LF SYSTEM – Dancing Cliche (Catz ‘n Dogz remix)
12 – Basement Jaxx – Rock This Road (Catz N Dogz Remix)
13 – Gorgon City – Let It Go (Catz ‘N Dogz Remix)
14 – The Shapeshifters featuring Billy Porter – Finally Ready (Catz ‘n Dogz Extended Pride Mix)
15 – Claude VonStroke – Whos Afraid Of Detroit (3 Channels aka Catz ’n Dogz Remix)
16 – Catz ’N Dogz, Monty Luke – They Frontin (2023 Remastered)
17 – Catz ‘n Dogz – Stay (Club Mix)
18 – Blue Hawaii – Try To Be (Catz ’n Dogz Remix)
19 – Catz ‘n Dogz Feat. Egle Sirvydyte – Good Touch (Maurice Fulton Remix)
20 – Catz ’n Dogz & dOP – Deaf Wagrant (Selianka Edit)

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Catz ‘n Dogz duo celebrate the achievement of 20 years in the scene with four new remixes, a robust compilation and a global tour. Focussing on the compilation, it features a curated selection of 20 originals and remixes made in this long span of time, showing off the evolution and differentiation of their style, influenced by a lot of genres and sub-genres like techno, minimal, house, tech house and so on. In fact, many trends come to mind: from 2003 till today a lot happened and the electronic music scene evolved aside the new technology. Catz ‘n Dogz did put their effort into music putting aside competitivity and egoism, while elevating their eclecticism, refreshing their way to approach to the sounds and in general to music production. Fans and new listeners will find for sure into this tracklist good memories and new gems.

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Baka G ‘Weekend’

Artist: Baka G
Title: Weekend
Label: Happiness Therapy
Cat. #: HT19
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 09.06.2023
A1 Weekend
A2 Cooking Up
A3 Gimme
B1 Mr. Magic
B2 Boogie Check
B3 Alchemy

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Baka G is hosted on Happiness Therapy with her brand new ‘Weekend’ EP. This track ensemble feature a joyful and bright approach to house music, a wide and great music genre that still inspires the young generations. In the overall the instrumentals sound round and warm, making the right basis for many 90s, 80s and disco influences introduced by the artist through synths, chords, vocals and pads, elements that genuinely enrich all the song motifs.

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R3WIRE & NuKey ‘Transition’

Artist: R3WIRE & NuKey
Title: Transition
Label: Stereohype
Format: Digital
Release Date: 19.05.2023
1. Transition

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Born from the rising star James Hype his Stereohype project and collective is going strong, delivering more frequently than before fresh and interesting productions. The last single put out is ‘Transition’ made by the Stereohype’s label manager R3wire who meet NuKey, a duo from the UK who already appeared on the label and on other interesting such as Glasgow Underground, Spinnin Next and LW Recordings. ‘Transition’ is a catchy and dancefloor inspired track, it has been played many times and spotted on various live sets / podcasts, which means the response is positive by both audience and music industry operators. Aside the hot drums it’s featured a rough horn loop and a serious vocal that also shares an interesting message.

There will come a time in your life
When you’ll ask yourself a series of questions
Am I happy with who I am?
Am I happy with the people around me?
Am I happy with what I’m doing?
Am I happy with the way my life is going?
Find your street in the sound
And make your transition

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Lehar ‘Let People Know EP’

Artist: Lehar
Title: Let People Know EP
Label: Watergate
Cat. #: WGDIG021
Format: Digital
Release Date: 19.05.2023
01. Let People Know
02. Whispers
03. Let People Know (Luke Alessi Remix)
04. Let People Know (Mia Mendi Remix)

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Watergate moves to summer season with an embracing and welcoming release made by Lehar: ‘Let People Know EP’ features a set of four outstanding productions (2 originals and 2 remixes) that will heaten the dancefloors all over the world. The title track is a genuine mixture of tech house and melodic house: an electro bassline surrounds the whole instrumental adding deepness, while the vocal and the arpeggio line add a mesmerizing sensation. Follows ‘Whispers’ which maintains that kind of melodic style, although the sound is decise and strengthened than before.
On the remix job we see the names of Luke Alessi and Mia Mendi, who opt to rearrange the title track: mr. Alessi adapts the theme into a tech house instrumental introducing an acid bassline and tribal percussions, while the Mia Mendi duo choose a mystical and introspective way to shape the sounds; their approach to the music is recognizable and help to close the EP adding style variety.

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