Fizzikx ‘The World Of Nature’

Artist: Fizzikx
Title: The World Of Nature
Label: Nite Grooves
Cat. #: KSD471
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 7th 2022
1. The Metronome
2. Waterfalls
3. Whole New World
4. Plato De Salsa (Dub Mix)
5. Nature Discovery (Dub Mix)
6. Afrika Journey
7. Positive Energy
8. Deep Fusion
9. Dark Side
10. Fruitful Spirit
11. Cloud Forest

King Street Sounds still delivers interesting and great music: Fizzikx debut album ‘The World Of Nature’ is a fantastic ensemble of 11 tracks totally into tribal, deep and soulful house, elevating again the importance of these styles, even if the contemporary trends seem to cool down them for something more commercial and trendy. Anyway just forget these things and let these spectacular and organic tracks to embrace your mind and your soul.

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Weska ‘Falling’

Artist: Weska
Title: Falling
Label: Strange Idols Recordings
Remixer: Tiger Stripes
Cat. #: SIR012
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 7th 2022
1) Falling (Original Mix)
2) Falling (Tiger Stripes Remix)

Weska gained a solid reputation as producer and remixer, getting released on important labels such as Drumcode, Truesoul and Cocoon: in the last label mentioned he just released a collaborative remix with Bart Skills of ‘Metal Master – Spectrum’. His last production titled ‘Falling’ shows a great contemporary techno style, which melts a warehouse oriented drum loop and a mental synth/vocal approach to the sounds. Tiger Stripes provides a great revisitation, adding some smoothness to the instrumental but without worning out the main theme.

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Ludwig A.F. ‘Air’

Artist: Ludwig A.F.
Title: Air
Label: Exo Recordings
Cat. #: xin009
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: October 7th 2022
1. Air
2. Sequoia
3. Onsen Dream
4. Mycena Lux Coeli
5. Oak
6. Glass
7. Marbles
8. Ikebana Arpeggio
9. Tau
10. Feather

“This is a very personal collection of ten pieces inspired by a special location near my home in the Taunus region of Germany.” Ludwig explains, “I recorded the songs as soon as I returned to my studio, inspired by the atmosphere of the place, I kept going back and I kept being inspired! I have been collating the pieces over the course of almost a decade”. 

Ludwig A.F. shows a charming and radiant sound through the songs of the forthcoming ‘Air’ album. To be released through his label Exo Recordings Intl., there are already available as extracts ‘Sequoia’ and ‘Marbles’, which give an assage of the album music.

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Unique 3 ’33/45′

Artist: Unique 3
Title: 33/45
Label: Originator Sound
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 3rd 2022

Pre order link: https://edzyunique3.bandcamp.com/album/33-45

Unique 3 is a British dance act founded in far 1988, a collective to whom is associated the creation of the music movement known as UK Bass. Thanks to this large 45 tracks compilation we can all put our hands into this big catalogue built in a span of 34 years: three decades mean a lot because in all the productions you can hear a lot of different styles and influences that assembled the fundaments of electronic music.

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01. 7 A.M.
02. Open Up Your Mind feat. Erica Harold
03. Code 0274
04. Daddy Ain’t Around
05. No More feat. Erica Harold
06. Weight For The Bass (Soundyard Dubplate)
07. Song For Rohan feat. Enzo Annecchini
08. Memories Inside My Head feat. Dee Goldhawk
09. Phase 3
10. Tick, Tick, Tock feat. Combat Collins
11. Fury In Force
12. Drone
13. Digicality
14. Feels All Good
15. Bio Similar
16. On The Wire
17. Musical Melody
18. 323 to 584
19. Alteratio
20. I Know I’m Rushing
21. Flim Flam
22. Shades Of Grey
23. Look At Me
24. Reality feat. Devon Bantaan (33/45 Re-Edit)
25. Activity
26. Rhythm Takes Control feat. Karen Minott
27. If I Lose It
28. Emphasis
29. Serial Killer (Extended Mix)
30. SIP 9
31. Draw The Line
32. Broke My Dream
33. Rude ‘bout The Place feat. Muscle
34. Take This Love feat. Adele Collins
35. Rocks The Bass
36. Darkness Visible
37. The Highs & Lows
38. I’m The … feat Combat Collins
39. Pattern 12
40. Minus Sine
41. Rock Non Stop
42. Yeah
43. The Theme (Original Chill Mix)
44. All Your Secrets (Deep)
45. Love The Music into Them Yout’


Philipp Priebe ‘Apparent Calm Palms’

Artist: Philipp Priebe
Title: Apparent Calm Palms
Label: Feuilleton
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: October 7th, 2022
1. Desires
2. Interborough
3. Apparent Calm Palms
4. Quiet Decay
5. Chimera
6. Behind Their House
7. Transfiguration
8. Slalom
9. Unfold
10. Conclusions

Tim Eder and Fossar’s Feuilleton will host soon the debut album of Philipp Priebe, an artist notorious for his creamy and pleasant style. The ten tracks of ‘Apparent Calm Palms’ explore dreamy and minimalistic visions of deep house/tech house, passing through inricate sound setups that make every transition from one track to another smoothly and without stylistic interruption.

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Kirk ‘Dreamcore’

Artist: Kirk
Title: Dreamcore
Label: SleepLess Recordings
Cat. #: SLP034
Format: Digital
Release Date: September 30th 2022
1. Dreamcore

Buy link: https://www.beatport.com/release/dreamcore/3857300

Talented Irish youngster KIRK returns to SleepLess Recordings with a nostalgic new techno single – ‘Dreamcore’.

Hailing from Carlow, Ireland, (Aaron) KIRK is one of the country’s next wave of promising techno talent and a regular supplier of emphatic releases on SleepLess. Dropping in with his fourth solo release on the label, ‘Dreamcore’ showcases KIRK’s broadened creativity and endless desire to craft weighty dancefloor cuts that set him apart from the crowd.

In essence, ‘Dreamcore’ is a gripping stadium-sized Techno bomb with a nostalgic twist. Combining a base of thumping kick drums and rippling bass tones with ravey acid techno elements from the outset, its vast atmospheric soundscapes and crisp hat grooves add an underground feel. The track is brought together by an undeniably catchy centrepiece, building around one of the most iconic vocal samples of the early rave era.

KIRK’s ‘Dreamcore’ lands on SleepLess Recordings on 30th September 2022.

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Alessandro Cocco ‘Unsolved Case’

Artist: Alessandro Cocco
Title: Unsolved Case
Label: Mind Games
Remixer: Luca Maniaci
Cat. #: MINDGAMES058
Format: Digital
Release Date: 28 September 2022
01. Unsolved Case
02. Unsolved Case (Luca Maniaci Remix)
03. Unchanged Behavior
04. Unrevealed Secret
05. Until Tomorrow

Buy link: https://www.beatport.com/release/unsolved-case/3854779

Mind Games is an underground techno label from Italy ran by Luca Maniaci.

Alessandro Cocco was born in Rome and studied sound design in London, making his debut on Mind Games he also has appearances on imprints such as Coded Platform, Black Line and Eclipse.

Label boss Luca Maniaci is an established artist who lists labels such as Josh Wink’s Ovum and Florian Meindl’s FLASH Recordings in his back catalogue.

“Unsolved Case” is a raw jam with thundering toms and haunting atmospherics ready to take on the dance floor.

Luca Maniaci switches up the opener with a more driving take and expands the mood with added bleeping tones.

“Unchanged Behavior” uses modular notes to form the hook over some jackin’ percussion bursting with energy.

Fourth on offer is “Unrevealed Secret” with a bouncing beat and rattling drums working with some tasteful sci-fi twinkles.

Closing with “Until Tomorrow” and its brooding aesthetic, the clean, hypnotic feel and mind-bending hook are outstanding.

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Various ‘Greyscale Exposure Series 3’

Artist: Various
Title: Greyscale Exposure Series 3
Label: Greyscale
Cat. #: GREYEXPO003
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: September 30th 2022
A1 Stelios Vassiloudis – Another Time
A2 Jamie S. – System Encounter
B1 Operandum – Equinox
B2 Armin Bender – 494

Pre order link: https://scale-limited.bandcamp.com/album/spectral-flux-greyexpo003

Lithuania based Greyscale Records is ready to make available a vinyl only release: ‘Greyscale Exposure Series 3’ offers an immersive experience of dub techno oriented tracks made by Stelios Vassiloudis, Jamie S., Operandum and Armin Bender. The A side song styles seem to follow a traditional and purist way, while the two productions on the flip passionately hazard into something oriented to the future and to the dancefloor.

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MÖD4RN ‘Decode Process Inform Decide’

Artist: MÖD4RN
Title: Decode Process Inform Decide
Label: Möd3rn records
Cat. #: MDRN12
Format: Digital, CD
Release Date: September 30th 2022
1 – Sea of Electrons
2 – Mechanical Illusions
3 – Signal Transmission
4 – Lost Connection
5 – Archived Data
6 – Seduction 2.0
7 – Ai and I together
8 – Virtual Emotion
9 – Meta Immersion
10 – Reaching Hands
11 – Human Rhizome

Pre order link: https://md3rnrecords.bandcamp.com/album/decode-process-inform-decide-lp

Möd4rn is the collaborative music project run by Electric Rescue, Kmyle, Maxime Dangles and Moteka, focused on contemporary and underground electronic music. ‘Decode Process Inform Decide’ is the title given to their second studio album, which collects an ensemble of 11 intense and dancefloor oriented productions. The album taken as whole offers a great modernism applied to techno: as time passes the challenges increase, like the difficulty to create something timeless, we are all able to see these elements for ourselves.

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Gronery ‘Segment’

Artist: Gronery
Title: Segment
Label: Minor Notes Recordings
Cat. #: MNRD007
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 6th 2022

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It’s time to open the dark side of Minor Notes… And introduce you to a new artist in our roster. Please welcome Gronery!

This man is truly a hard worker in music production. His friends complain that he can’t stop writing new music even at their home parties, where all girls go wild when they hear signature Gronery style. No surprise, because Artem has been making music for more than 10 years now. Starting with making beats on legendary eJay DAW in the ghetto of Krasnoyarsk (Siberia, Russia) he studied on his own what groove is. Being in progress, using new hardware such as MPC and synths Artem started his experiments with electronic music. After moving to Moscow Gronery crystallized his own sound and all boundaries between styles were finally erased. Now he is more into making fat hip-hop beats, super dope deep & tech house.

Segment EP it’s practically an album of selected tracks, which were written in the last 3 years. We collected significant part of club ready bombs from Artem’s Ableton projects for your prime time gigs plus added super heavy remix from DJ Max (Sergei Timoshenko, art-director of legendary Propaganda Moscow Club) to wrap up this release finally. Here you have 7 tracks with unique deep & tech flow with some acid influence and samples of porn-stars interviews before they got banged. Be careful And obey Gronery now!

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