Artist: Pablo Bolivar
Title: Kuiu / Infinite Rainbows Remixes
Label: Seven Villas Music
Remixers: Agatha Pher, Death on the Balcony
Cat: 7V076D2X
Format: Digital
Release Date: April 17th 2020
1. Kuiu (Agatha Pher Remix)
2. Infinite Rainbows (Death on the Balcony Mix)

Seven Villas Music presents two brilliant remixes of Pablo Bolivar’s ‘Kuiu’ and ‘Infinite Rainbows’, previosly published on the homonym vinyl release. Both the remixes don’t detach from the originals, but revitalize admirably the themes, putting in frontline the essential elements that play a major role in the tracks.
The final remixes divulge exquisite sonorities, that can be really appreciable on both listening and mixing situations, elevating the potential of these warm productions, with smooth drums and dreamy synths.

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