Artist: Emotional Ty
Title: Roses And Aliens
Label: EMTY
Format: Vinyl
Release Date: May 25th 2020
01. Mountains & Rivers
02. Dream Journal
03. Body Meridian
04. Edge Of The Horizon

Here we go with another underground release. This time the Sweden based Emotional Ty sets a score point from his musical side with the publication of a vinyl record titled ‘Roses And Aliens’.
The four tracks mix gently house and techno into a sort of contemporary deep house, sometimes it seems like the whole sound goes back to the basics with its mellow and dark synths, anyway this sound is smoother than the usual style proposed by the artist, which is heavly techno influenced.
The drum loops are solid and suggest an usage of these tracks on both dancefloor and living room environments. Emotional Ty played a safe game but hopefully he will put more experimental and catchy sounds on records like this too.

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