Artist: Deadbeat, Paul St. Hilaire
Title: 4 Quarters Of Love And Modern Lash
Label: Another Moon
Cat: AMOON002
Format: Digital, 2 x vinyl
Release Date: June 26th 2020
01. War Games
02. Check What Time It Is
03. Mind Control
04. Yesterday’s Dreams

After a hiatus of five years from their last collaboration, Deadbeat and Paul St. Hilaire join the studio for the creation of a mini-album titled ‘4 Quarters Of Love And Modern Lash’. These tracks completely detach from the creations they did put inside the album ‘The Infinity Dub Sessions’, there’s still a clearly and understandable approach to the classic ‘four to the floor’ rhythm structure, but in this new opera the two sound architects opt for the creation of songs with dancefloor oriented vibes but also suited for easy listening / living room contexts.
The way the vocals are introduced, how the synths interface with the drums and how the effects are chained in each instrument evoke an aspect in music production where minimalism, abstraction and mentalism preval more than other aspects.

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