Artist: Rossum Universal Tracks
Title: There Will Come Soft Reigns
Label: All My Thoughts
Cat: AMT015
Format: Digital
Release Date: April 3rd 2020
1. Rauschsong
2. There will come soft reigns
3. C.R.S.A.
4. Jovian (Hydrosleepchamber Mix)
5. Oh Boy (Intermission Mix)
6. Cyber Sweet (Float Mix)

DJ Assam and Lucky Charmz are the two people behind the Rossum Universal Tracks project, the new release to be out with their imprint is ‘There Will Come Soft Reigns’ on All My Thoughts label.
The various tracks that complete the EP reveal a laid back sound, that mostly interface itself with ambient, electronica and deep house styles; the usage of smooth drums and synths enhances the stylistic coherence and the magic aura that surrounds us while listening the tracks.

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