Artist: Latyshev
Title: Danza del Sol
Label: Baikal Nomads
Cat. #: BNA053
Format: Digital
Release Date: 19.11.2023
01. Danza del Sol
02. Caballos & Arena
03. Danza del Sol (Lama’s Dream Remix)
04. Danza del Sol (Matt Jah Remix)
05. Danza del Sol (Ksky Remix)

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Baikal Nomads presents a compelling organic house release by Latyshev which also features remixes from Lama’s Dream, Matt Jah and Ksky.

Based in Tulum, Baikal Nomads is a record label that has championed artists ranging from Zuma Dionys to Guy Maayan, and this is the first time Latyshev has released original music via the imprint.

Latyshev is a Spanish artist who is returning to Baikal Nomads after featuring a remix on the record label in 2020, and this release features two of his original tracks. He is also the label owner of Alae Records, which shares his enchanting style that blends ethnic instruments and organic percussion with uplifting synths.

Providing a remix, Lama’s Dream is a talented musician who blends live instrumentation with sequenced percussion to create majestic tracks with spellbinding atmosphere. He has existing links to Latyshev via releasing on his label Alae Records, but has also previously featured on Baikal Nomads.

Also on remix duty, Matt Jah is a nomadic Italian producer who is well known to Baikal Nomads fans for his downtempo style with Arabic influence and trippy atmosphere. He has also featured his sun-drenched sound on other imprints including IONO LOUNGE and Tropical Twista Records.

Last of the remixes comes from Ksky who is a leftfield artist whose melodic style has analogue sounds and deep atmosphere sequenced into downtempo grooves. He has released on labels ranging from Deepology to his own imprint KSKY TRX.

The releases title track “Danza del Sol” opens proceedings with South American vocals and a panpipe layered with the warmth of swelling pads and shuffling percussion.

“Caballos & Arena” is second of the original tracks, and it’s got an indie dance groove with chanting vocal textures layered with haunting strings and modulating synth lines.

Lama’s Dream’s remix of Danza del Sol thickens the percussion and adds a warped bassline that adds to the psychedelic vibe of his downbeat groove.

Matt Jah provides an upbeat version of Danza del Sol with extra percussion and makes the vocal a more prominent feature, while also adding new synths and acoustic guitar.

Ksky closes the release with an atmospheric remix of Danza del Sol that strips back the percussion and panpipes from the original to add dreamy synth pads and gamelan style melody.

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