Artist: Jacob Groening
Title: Timefades
Label: Kamai Music
Cat. #: KAMAI024
Format: Digital
Release Date: 24.11.2023
01. Timefades (Extended Mix)
02. Gemini Vox Radio
03. Reset
04. Ready to Fall
05. Traces
06. Vermona
07. Myme
08. Lisbon

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Jacob Groening is back on his record label Kamai Music with a stunning album release that orientates around indie dance grooves with organic textures.

Based in Berlin, Jacob Groening is a highly respected DJ who plays regularly at local venues like Kater Blau, alongside international bookings in countries ranging from India to Brazil. His immersive style is a chic blend of invigorating percussion and heartfelt melodies that are sequenced into mid-tempo masterpieces.

An accomplished producer, Jacob Groening often frequents Kamai Music, but his tracks and remixes can also be found on other prestigious imprints such as 3000 Grad Records, Cosmic Awakenings and Earthly Delights.

This magnificent release unfolds to transcend genres as it first picks up momentum then drops back down again, before building back up with a psychedelic twist. It’s a storytelling release that touches on styles ranging from deep/melodic house to downtempo electronica.

“Timefades” is the album’s title track and it opens the release with twinkling synth melodies and emotive vocals built on a framework of stripped back percussion. It’s got ’80s undertones which showcase how this contemporary release has a timeless sound that makes it an instant classic.

“Gemini” has a chugging groove with a throbbing bassline and trippy guitar chords that intermingle with softly sung vocals and shuffling percussion rhythms. It’s an intimate track with a laidback groove that wraps the listener in its soft and silky tones.

“Reset” has an extended intro where spiralling synths and epic chords build suspense in the build up to the introduction of the percussion and dreamy melody synth. It’s an uplifting track with fluttering melodies that make the track feel like it’s being carried upon the wings of a thousand butterflies.

“Ready to Fall” is a moody track with triplet rhythms that create an offbeat energy lifting the groove between the grounding thuds of the kick drum. Its delicate atmospherics and blues-inspired guitar chords are layered with soothing vocals that add majesty to this spellbinding cut.

“Traces” is a synth driven track that has a majestic flow combining haunting pads with gentle percussion and psychoactive melodies. It takes the album down a different path to the previous cuts, as it starts to expand the mind with hallucinogenic sound waves.

“Vermona” follows in the footsteps of Traces with its fragmented melodies that dance and bend around the beats of the percussion that underpin the track. This is the point when the album has the listener fully under its spell as it creates a feeling of blissful tranquillity.

“Myme” is the moment of inner awakening as its poignant pads and uplifting bassline radiate warm throughout the mind, body and soul. It’s the penultimate track on the release before “Lisbon” brings the album to a close with the awakening energy of its upbeat synths and pulsating bassline.

Perfect for home listening, it’s an intricate album with mood setting atmosphere and attention to detail, but all of the tracks are also well suited to a dance floor and use in a DJ set.

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