After many appearances on Drumcode with traditional EPs and compilation features, Wehbba is ready to stand out with his third studio album: ‘Straight Lines And Sharp Corners’; his first two albums were published on Christian Smith’s Tronic in 2010 and 2013.
In the intention to set a focal point on his electronic music production fundaments, the artist combined a sound research that rediscovers the past, which is melt with a contemporaneous style: this heavly affected the final output, bringing a consistent wave of evolution into the Drumcode’s catalogue.

Drumcode – March 9th 2020
1. Prelude: Goya
2. Hyper Real Decadence feat. Thomas Gandey
3. Deluge
4. Basic Pleasure
5. Dove Rush
6. Brainflex: Interlude
7. No Sleep
8. Sharpshooter feat. David Carretta
9. Second Nature
10. Residual Self
11. Coup Of Doubt
12. 14th To Grand Central
13. Digital Sunset feat. L_cio

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