Artist: VCF
Title: Breadkrumz EP
Remixer: Cromie
Label: Low Recordings
Cat. #: LOWLA002
Format: Digital
Release Date: 18th March 2020

  1. J05
  2. E06
  3. Breadkrumz (feat. Captain Supernova)
  4. E06 (Cromie Remix)

The close-knit Low Recordings collective welcome VCF into the fold for a fantastic four-track EP that comes with a remix from Cromie. 

VCF is Ricky Tinez’s latest project and one he holds close to his heart where he explores sound recordings of his own with digital synthesis and samples from TV, adverts, and whatever else. His releases are few and far between but always high quality as he prefers to focus on getting each one absolutely perfect.

Up first is ‘J05’, a deep and dubby house groove that’s humid and atmospheric, with steamy pads and vinyl crackle all aging it to perfection. Next comes ‘E06’, a superbly vibe-fuelled wedge of well-swung house music. The raw drums are embellished with warm and authentic chords while razor-sharp hi-hats and funky little guitar riffs add vital detail.

Captain Supernova, a fictional Astronaut created by composer and arranger Eric Borders, then features on ‘Breadkrumz.’ This one has jazzy key playing tumbling down over the perfectly smooth drum loops and meaning bass. It’s classic house with a contemporary air of cool that works on both head and heel.

Remixing is Cromie, the Peach, Amadeus and Freerange associate who has a musical house sound that is all his own. Here he flips ‘E06’ into a busy and bristling track with sci-fi synths and streaming pads, noodling jazz riffs and a punchy beat that oozes funk.