Artist: Misstress Barbara
Title: Consensuality
Label: Iturnem
Cat. #: IT31
Format: Digital
Release Date: November 11th 2022
01. Consensuality
02. Deft
03. Freedom

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Misstress Barbara is back with the rebirth of her record label Iturnem and its new release is a three-track EP from the label owner herself. Each of the tracks is peak-time techno with hypnotic synth lines and driving percussion.

Originally from Italy, but now living in Canada, Misstress Barbara is a pioneering DJ who was one of the first female superstar DJs. Having been previously been ranked inside DJ Mag’s Top 100, her career spans back to the ’90s.

Misstress is a word play between ‘Miss’ and ‘Stress’, as her friends know her as a perfectionist who is always stressing to find the perfect sound for her productions and she is overly critical of her world-famous mixing skills.

Still a popular headline DJ who travels the world to play clubs and festivals, Misstress Barbara is also an accomplished producer whose back catalogue includes labels ranging from the legendary but defunct Primate Recordings to Carl Cox’s Intec and Christian Smith’s Tronic.

Iturnem is her classic imprint that first launched in 2003 as a rebranding of Misstress Barbara’s previous record label, Relentless. After a long break, this is the first of many brand new techno EPs from Iturnem, which has been reborn into the modern era.

“Consensuality” opens the release with the twisted euphoria of an arpeggio synth line that contracts with the dark and brooding atmosphere of the track that’s underpinned by the relentless pounding of a thumping kick drum.

“Deft” is next on the EP and it focuses in on raw percussion with fast-flowing rhythms and a pulsating bassline. Augmented with synth stabs and thrashing ride cymbals, it’s a track that’s been tailor-made for the dance floor.

“Freedom” closes the release with its compelling vocal sample and acid synth line. It’s a full-throttle track with electric synths, sizzling hi-hats and hands-in-the-air energy that is perfect for peak-time DJ sets.

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