Class is not mass: another high quality techno stuff is offered by my friend M.R.E.U.X, both digital and on limited edition blue vinyl with a remix from the Swedish Joel Mull.

‘Radar’, the first track of this massive EP (do not miss it folks!!) is an explosion of acid that will take you to a new dimension, sorting off your pshyco side, with massive background kicks & beautifully melodic effect.

Follows ‘Deep Space’ : powerful and mentally persuasive groove, real trip into the edge of the mind that is filled with emotion. Scandinavian techno legend Joel Mull brings his brick into the imprint with his excellent remix of ‘Deep Space’.

This is another excellent offering from Blumoog and label boss M.R.E.U.X.: go find it soon beacuse is going to be an out of stock so soon!

Complete new piece here

Review by GILL