Artist: Kelly Lee Owens
Title: Inner Song
Label: Smalltown Supersound
Cat: STS372
Formats: Digital, vinyl, cd
Release Date: August 28th 2020
1. Arpeggi
2. On
3. Melt!
4. Re-Wild
5. Jeanette
6. L.I.N.E.
7. Corner Of My Sky (feat. John Cale)
8. Night
9. Flow
10. Wake-Up

After a few months delay due to COVID-19, Smalltown Supersound is set to present the second album of Kelly Lee Owens ‘Inner Song’, a track ensemble that represents a genuine intention to rediscover electronica and techno, getting away from the most used and abused standards or contemporary trends. The three singles that anticipated the album publication (‘Melt!’, ‘Night’ and ‘On’) gave to the audience an assage of the full opera.

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