Artist: MSDMNR
Title: Systematic
Cat. #: MSDMNR020
Format: Digital
Release Date: September 2nd 2022
01. Birth
02. Cycle
03. Probe
04. Final Landing
05. Mystified
06. Another Signal
07. Observation
08. Systematic
09. Transformation
10. OSC Revenge
11. Reign Two
12. Black Hole Drift

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MSDMNR is the eponymous Berlin-based label from veteran artist Miro Pajic that has featured many of his own works as well as remixes by Adriana Lopez and Krenzlin.

MSDMNR’s own back catalogue includes appearances on labels such as Ricardo Garduno’s Illegal Alien, Kaiser’s K S R, Portugal’s HAYES collective ran by Temudo, Nørbak and VIL and DEAD CERT. Records.

‘Systematic’ is his masterful debut album that incorporates a twelve-track collection of classic, dystopian productions and delivers many dance floor gems in a contemporary setting.

“Birth” is a teasing modular workout with a broken beat, while “Cycle” has a jovial and abstract groove. “Probe” is a proper jackin’ tool, “Final Landing” builds slowly with a metallic, percussion hook at its core. “Mystified” goes dystopian with a stabbing tone and funky bassline, followed by “Another Signal” that focuses on an alarm siren for dramatic tension. “Observation” is the first sci-fi soundscape, before title track “Systematic” simply roars with a distinctive chopping element. “Transformation” has an instant energetic appeal and grit, where “OSC Revenge” is a leftfield, raving experience shortly followed by “Reign Two” and its intergalactic bounce. “Black Hole Drift” closes things out with a sci-fi, space jam.

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