Artist: Carlos Nilmmns
Title: Infinity
Label: Ornaments
Format: Vinyl, digital
Release Date: Late August / September 2021
A1. To Infinity
A2. The Second Message feat. Keter Darker
A3. The Next
B1. Smile
B2. The Pass
B3. Infinity

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After one year from the publication of Mood of Departure’s ‘Roadmap’ LP, Ornaments returns with a nice EP made by one of the artists who got the privilege to get released on the label: that’s the case of Carlos Nilmmns, an U.K. musician now based in France really into house and techno. ‘Infinity EP’ offers his contemporary vision of electronic music, showing off some interesting tunes.
The release starts with ‘To Infinity’, it’s an orchestral and symphonic ispirational opener track, with a  base rhythm made by drums and hihats near to the 4/4. Its glorious approach to the sounds recall to the first song of ‘Midnight Chronicles EP’, thanks to the strings and cellos melodies it seems like one of the cinematic scores you can find while watching to historic or legendary inspired movies. The next one is ‘The Second Message’ with the featuring of Kater Darker, an artist who already collaborated with Carlos Nilmmns in the past. This production is an oldschool house piece with a large and impact sound, its repetitive main loop recalls to a music construction setup used a long time ago by Felix Da Housecat, anyway the intervallation between the vocal sample and the piano chord eliminates the redundance of the riff that accompanies the instrumental. Last but not least on the A side is ‘The Next’, as the previous it has got an oldschool motif but it’s faster than the others, with raw sonorities and a guitar loop used as bassline it arouses to a basic form of electro house.
On the flip we can find another stylistic trend. The B1 ‘Smile’ let us breath a different air, the music is totally infused into techno and dub techno, the less is more approach and the preeminence of phat instruments makes this song interesting and organic too; the feeling is underground and recalls to the obscure side of Ornaments. Follows B2 ‘The Pass’ which remarks the A3 track style (it’s faster like that too), but with a major attention put to the synth and melodic aspects, in fact the final result is mental and mellow at the same time. The title track closes the EP, the broken beat rhythm and the hybrid kind of pad synths leave in the mouth a melancholic flavor.
Ornaments is going back on track but at the same time it left some space to sound exploration, staying in line with its music nature. The artist seems to have enjoyed the production of these songs and also the joy to detach from some of his typical sound setup, combinations that made his productions fascinating and remarkable. Even if some similitudes can be traced in ‘Iris EP’ [Ornaments047] and ‘Midnight Chronicles EP’ [Ornaments39] that’s happening a change which seems to direct Mr. Nilmmns’ interest in house music more than techno.

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Review by Matteo Pitton