Lōn ‘A Dead Body Falling’

Artist: Lōn
Title: A Dead Body Falling
Label: Arketip Discs
Remixer: Reeko, Temudo
Cat. #: AD005
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 24.02.2023
01. A Dead Body Falling
02. The Shape of My Drum
03. A Dead Body Falling (Reeko Remix)
04. A Dead Body Falling (Temudo Remix)

Buy link: https://arketipdiscs.bandcamp.com/album/l-n-a-dead-body-falling-reeko-temudo-remixes

Arketip Discs is a Barcelona-based vinyl and digital imprint co-founded by Spear and Makuto that has featured music by Truncate, Stefan Vincent, Eduardo De La Calle and ORBE.

Welcoming Lōn to the label, a duo formed by Adrià Ponsa and Oscar Molina, they list appearances on Lewis Fautzi’s Faut Section and Berlin’s End of Perception.

Reeko is a hugely respected Spanish artist who heads up Mental Disorder and has released on Oscar Mulero’s PoleGroup, Ben Sims’ Symbolism and Svreca’s Semantica to name only a few.

Temudo is a standout Portuguese producer who has tailored his magic touch to labels such as Ben Klock’s Klockworks, Slam’s Soma, Developer’s Modularz, Bas Mooy’s Mord, Cleric’s Clergy as well as co-founding HAYES.

“A Dead Body Falling” lays down an intense and deep meticulous melodic venture, exposing his highly addictive modular sounds. A four-by-four workout marked by an intense flavour that repeats throughout the entire track, spiced with spatial sounds that make it an energetic tool destined for nonstop dancing.

“The Shape of My Drum” is a complex mesh of syncopated industrial rhythms and emphasised soundscapes. It’s a multi-layered exercise where percussions make a powerful passage.

Reeko delivers a mesmerising remix that immerses in the creation of a multidimensional effects narrative. Everything in this track is highly precise, where floating patterns shaken by driving saturated drums lead a hefty mental experience.

Temudo’s remix includes rude and repetitive rhythms while the mastermind also eliminates any melodic passages and emphasises a devastating architecture specially designed for the dance floor.

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