Alan Hides ‘Sylence’

Artist: Alan Hides
Title: Sylence
Remixer: Scott Kemp 
: Music Related
Cat. # : MRR059
Release Date:
A1. Sylence
A2. Blue Sunday
B1. Twosouls
B2: Sylence (Scott Kemp Remix)

After his first release on Whoyostro, Alan focused much more on creating something even more personal, which defines himself for the artist he is.

The EP contains three different moods, “Sylence” the first and main track, is an energetic rhythm made by recording different drum machines and swinging percussion. The emotional pieces of breakdowns characterize a lot of this track, in short a track to let the dancefloor be carried away. The second track is “Blue Sunday ”, which is characterized by shuffling drums, crunchy stabs, pads and a warm female voice. The name of this track is given by the fact that Sunday is the day he feels really comfortable to produce, he said “all people are happy, it’s weekend, no stress… and out it’s a sunny sunday, this thing influence me and my creativity and my music much more” The last track is “Twosouls” he chose it because it fits perfectly to close this music journey, characterized by ambient pads in the background, but at the same time has a taste of the 90’s dance music mold, can be deduced from the vocal characterizing it in the second breakdown of the song.

A promising young talent from Italy on a blossoming UK label.