Anwei Huss  ‘Huss EP’

Artist: Anwei Huss
Title:  Huss EP
Label: Huss Recordings
Release Date: Friday, September 23 2022
1. Saria (Autumn in Spring)
2. Moongazer
3. Sienna

Huss EP marks the debut release from Anwei Huss. The EP boldly carves out a unique stylistic space for itself within the landscape of contemporary electronic music, and sits between ‘armchair’ and ‘club’ music. The record draws upon organic soundscapes that are at once ethereal and balearic, and thoughtfully counterbalanced with deep, melodic rhythms and crisp, driving percussion. Acoustic and electronic instruments are blended with home and field recordings, creating a textured and dreamlike musical journey through comfort, disquiet and reflection.

The opening track Saria (Autumn in Spring) combines recordings of forest leaves, woodland footsteps and natural sounds with deep rhythms and psychedelic melodies. The result is an imagined journey through a dreamlike forest, charged by pulsating percussion and echoing electronica. Nostalgic samples from game levels of yesteryear are edited and tweaked into delay-driven and reverb-saturated versions, further adding to the otherworldly atmosphere of the track.

The second offering on the A-side, Moongazer, explores more ambient, ethereal soundscapes, and contrasts these with a deeper, darker rhythm and bassline. Here, experiments with percussive sounds and sonic textures conjure feelings of abstract daydreams and late night moongazing. Subtle and skilful sound manipulation underpins the production; enticing the listener with dynamic stereo and equalisation techniques alongside constantly evolving soundscapes and minimal-inspired musings.

The closing track Sienna – which makes up the entire B-side of the record – moves things into darker, more dubbed out territories. Rhythm and texture combine through deep bass elements, analogue hiss and effects-driven noise recordings that bounce and echo amid a spacey, balearic-tinged moodscape. Throughout, the laid-back tempo, driving percussion and quietly cosmic pad atmospheres come together to induce feelings of beachey psychedelia and infectiously nostalgic grooves.

The vinyl for this release has been produced using eco-conscious materials and processes. The records are pressed on 100% recycled granulate in a zero-waste factory, with a recycled kraftpack sleeve and eco-friendly labels and ink. Vinyl is available directly from the artist/label or in all good record stores from September 23, 2022. Follow or get in touch with the artist for information on vinyl pre-orders.