A ON ‘Will 2 Be’

Artist: A ON
Title: Will 2 Be
Format: Digital
Will 2 Be

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The talented Artist A ON strikes back with his latest single, ‘Will 2 Be’: a captivating new Acid House production sure to capture attention as it delivers thumping beats, driving details, and energetic sonic hooks. A talent quickly on the rise, A ON has been taking Electronic Music by storm, showcasing a powerful and dynamic signature sound as he presents a sonic identity unlike any other on the scene. Now, as he unleashes his characteristically hard-hitting energy in this new production, A ON sheds light on his unique approach to music production, once again bringing his ever-creative talents to the forefront.

Having developed a signature style that draws from numerous influences, including the works of Artists like Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, and Autechre, A ON’s sound emerges as a diverse, varied, and original expression of his passionate creativity. Vibrant in energy, A ON’s unique blend of Techno, Acid House, Trance, and EDM continues to place his name high on the list of creative innovators currently working within the Electronic Music realm, and a talent to keep watching as he will no doubt continue to present a mesmerising and intriguing sonic persona both through his productions and in his work as a live performer.

Featuring hypnotic synth lines, a driving low-end, and a dynamic beat, ‘Will 2 Be’ delivers a fascinating listen; as vocal chops and rhythmic details join the mix, the soundscape builds in texture with dark sonic layers and filtered elements adding to the enthralling auditory experience. The track then takes on a new energy as a female vocal and bouncy chordal line adds a lively colour to ‘Will 2 Be’, injecting the soundscape with a party-starter vibe that carries through to the end.

This unmissable new track from A ON no doubt delivers a fresh and sonically surprising listening journey, one sure to cement this gifted Artist as an exciting presence within the Electronic Music realm. So, a talent not to be missed, make sure to follow A ON across social media to stay up-to-date on his upcoming releases, projects, and live shows. ‘Will 2 Be’ is out now and available to stream and download across platforms.

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