Arnodd ‘Monsoon EP’

Artist: Arnodd
Title: Monsoon EP
Label: Traum
Cat. #: Traum V255
Release Date: 23. July 2021
1. Together In Space
2. Just On Time
3. Recycled Frequencies

Malek Ales’s is back with his second ep on TRAPEZ!

Malek Ales has been a household name in the techno scene for some time now. His music is techno with a strong minimal note and all of his tracks have a distinctive funk to them which can be described as a „rolling“, self fed groove. His brand new tracks are no exception.

“Together In Space“ by Malek Ales

“Together In Space” is a hypnotizing thunder of a track which pulls in an electronic pad sound with a reminiscence of the late 70ies as mastermind Alan Parsons springs to our mind. This is unusual and will surprise listeners and clubbers.

“Just On Time“ by Malek Ales

“Just On Time” is a much deeper track, with sequences wandering up and down and the 303 modulation creating a dialogue you can sneak into. Because there is an abstract quality to it it gives room for your own phantasies which is what techno is all about.

“Recycled Frequencies“ by Malek Ales

“Recycled Frequencies” is a fine track in the way that it builds up tension, never revealing too much but constantly holding the finger on the trigger. When the 303 enters it plays the role of an intruder, never stopping and adding that kind of a „secluded“ mood to the track which never will leave