Alexander Kowalski ‘Lost In The Depths’

Artist: Alexander Kowalski
Title: Lost In Depths
Label: ARTS
Cat. #: ARTSW010
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 29.09.2023
1. Lost In The Depths
2. Elements
3. Lights In The Darkness
4. Promising Whispers

Alexander Kowalski’s ‘Lost In The Depths’ brings the listeners to another level of deepness. Hosted by the notorious ARTS, the EP features four intriguing and catchy techno productions, ready to be played in the best parties in the forthcoming fall season. The artist seems to be pleased with the swiftness of the decision to use precise sound setups, the approach is simple but effective: all the songs share strong vibes without resort to complicated drums or synths. All the featured productions just stand out from the flock, anyway ‘Lost In The Depths’ and ‘Elements’ catch immediatly the attention, them hold egregious motifs that add a sensuous and mysterious charm.

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