Masomenos ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena LP’

Artist: Masomenos
Title: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena LP
Label: Automatic Writing
Cat. #: ATWT012
Format: Vinyl, digital

Release date: May 20th, 2022
1. Rêve
2. Cleopatra (feat. San Proper)
3. UAP
4. Hollow
5. The Other
6. Tournicoti
7. Are You Sure?
8. Ainamor
9. Mystery Unsolved
10. Planet X (feat. San Proper)
11. Daffy’s Land

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Masomenos is a renowed duo in the artists scene, who is set to pop up again with a brand new album, to be out in the next month on Automatic Writing. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena LP traits minimalistic grooves and an underground approach to the sounds, even if it seems to slightly detach from the usual Masomenos imprint. The overall sound is dark and lo-fi, with a large usage of sub bass and tiny drums. Even all the synth, pad or effect have a small-scale nature, which perfectly fits with the instrumentals. This essential sound nature implies an intimate connection with the listener, delighting so the senses and the soul.

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