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Wayward ‘Waiting For The World Remixed’

Artist: Wayward
Title: Waiting For the World Remixed
Label: Silver Bear Recordings
Format: Digital
Release Date: February 25th 2022
Waiting For The World (Cameo Blush Remix)
All A Bit Mad (Tim Reaper Remix)
Back To The Old Days (System Olympia Remix)
Canvey Island (Unperson’s Restless Tide Remix)
Casper Pt. 1 (1-800 GIRLS Remix)
Casper Pt. 2 (BAE BAE Remix)
Jill (Kilig’s Hangover Fear Remix)
Thirty Three (Eliza Rose Re Rub)
Ridge Road (Kareem Ali’s House Mix)
Ridge Road (Kareem Ali’s D&B Remix)
Bright (Tour-Mauboug Sunset Dub Remix)

Pre order link: https://orcd.co/aabmtimreaperremix

Wayward’s ‘Waiting For The World’ gets a remix treatment by a collective of underground and fresh artists, who put their hands on the original themes coming from this interesting album. The whole sound is rich and cohesive till the point to reunite under an unique tracklist many diverse styles like drum n bass, dubstep, garage, house and tech house. The listening approach to this remix bundle would seem difficult but in reality it goes straight and smooth, mainly thanks to the simply and organic way the remixers play with instruments or sounds.

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