BTX017 Cover

Ben Men ‘Pequetita’

Artist: Ben Men
Title: Pequetita
Label: BTRAX records
Cat. #: BTX017
Release Date: 18th December 2020
1. Pequetita
2. Pequetita (DJ Mau Mau remix)
3. Pequetita (Anderson Noise remix)
4. Pequetita (Mumbaata remix)

Ben Men returns to BTRAX Records for his fourth EP, this time with standout remixes from Anderson Noise, DJ Mau Mau and Mumbaata making it another essential package.

Ben Men is a multifaceted artist, DJ, promoter and record dealer who has been shaping the French electronic scene since the early 90s. He has hosted parties under the BTRAX name at the legendary Rex Club, has signed artists like Scan 7 from Detroit, Vince Watson and Mr C, heads up the 45RDB label with a focus on Chicago sounds and has runs various record stores in his time. He brings all this experience and knowledge to his own music and says ‘Pequetita’ is dedicated to the street that houses Paulista Lov.E Club & Lounge in São Paulo Brasil. A first tribute was made in 2004 with the LOV.E CLUB EP produced by DJ Mau Mau and remixed by Mr. C, and now Mau Mau returns with Brazilian countrymen Anderson Noise and Mumbaata for hot and tropical remixes.

The superb ‘Pequetita’ is an airy and bright house track with plenty of exotic synth and percussive sounds. The deep beats roll on, bird calls and other atmospheric samples add rich detail and there is a lushness to the melodies that make it all the more escapist and high class.

Sao Paolo’s Mau Mau is one of the pioneers of electronic music in Brazil, was the resident DJ at Sra. Krawitz club and Hell’s Club, and has an individual house and techno style mixed with Brazilian beats and swing. His remix is a lively one with bouncing beats and busier synths, making it perfect for more energetic moments in the party.

The career of DJ and producer Anderson Noise coincides with the birth and explosions of the Brazilian electronic scene. Active since 1988 he’s put out more than 100 singles and EPs and overseen more than 100 releases on his own record label Noise Music that celebrated its 20th year in April 2019. His remix flips the track into something dark and more stripped back, with spooky chords and minimal beats locking you into a state of deep techno hypnosis.

Lastly, The Mumbaata duo, consisting of Lennox Hortale and Pedro Poyart, quickly became one of the most respected projects in the Brazilian dance music scene thanks to music on Get Physical, Dear Deer and D Edge. Their remix is a perfectly heady one with long tailed pads and late night chords all bringing warmth and soul.

This is a colourful and charismatic EP that brings a whole new world of freshness to the dance floor. Tracklist: