Fiction Life ‘Untitled’

Artist: Fiction Life (Reade Truth)
Title: Untitled
Label: Basic Moves
Cat. #: BM17
Format: Digital, 2 x vinyl
Release Date: January 16th 2023
1. Social Overload
2. Soul To Soul
3. Power To Ideas
4. Cerebrum Crush
5. The Present Moment
6. From The Ashes

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Reade Truth opens the 2023’s Basic Moves catalogue with an ‘Untitled’ two vinyl release under his moniker Fiction Life (according to Discogs it was used once in far 1996). All the tracks represent an encouraging manner to jam with drum machines, dirty instruments and raw sounds, getting as result a luscious and rich style which embraces mixtures of oldschool house and techno. This release also exposes the dedication for all the dj and producers who go into some serious music research, not affiliated to the most mainstream vibes.

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