Body Movements @ Hackney Wick, London (UK) 09.09.2021

Body Movements Festival is a one-day celebration of all things queer club culture, happening on Saturday 9th October 2021 across 16 spaces in Hackney Wick, London. After announcing a heavy set of stage hosts including Chapter 10, High Hoops, Pxssy Palace, and Homoelectric, the full lineup for the day and night sessions is now revealed. From day to night, Body Movements party people can see solid-gold selectors and live acts, with Octo Octa, Gideon, Cakes Da Killa, MCMLXXXV, Jasmine Infiniti, Lakuti, Saoirse, Budino, ISAbella, A.G., and over 100+ more names from the finest in LGBTQI+ club community.

Hackney Wick’s industrial backdrop will be transformed as Body Movements plays host to a team of revered artists, with Aurora Halal, Cakes Da Killa, Eris Drew, Hannah Holland, Julianna Huxtable, Lakuti, Saorise, Sippin T, Angel D’Lite, and many more stepping up to soundtrack the day time session. Get set for a fully charged day, with each act adding unique energy to the day programme as well as talks, panels, workshops, and sessions (to be announced.) A line-up like no other, the Body Movements programme will shine a light on those who have played a key role to amplify and protect LGBTQI+ club culture.

As night sets in, get prepared for all-out rave where party people share the Body Movements energy in this kaleidoscopic celebration. Heading up the night time DJ duties are some of the finest names in the queer club culture community, including Octo Octa, LSDXOXO, UNiiQU3, Faboo DJs, Charlie Porter, Dan Beaumont, A Man To Pet and special guests to be announced. House, techno, breaks, club, disco, and more, it’s all in there, plus performers and dancers adding an extra layer of magic. Stage hosts for the late night affairs are Herrensauna, Chapter 10, Maricas X Trust, Sippin T X Faboo and Little Gay Brother.

Body Movements stage hosts and crews will feature the finest names in queer royalty from the UK and way beyond, from London’s much-loved parties Little Gay Brother and Chapter 10 through to NYC Queer party Inferno and Barcelona’s LGBTQ+ techno party Maricas. These crews have been integral in creating safe spaces for the queer community to be free, and each brings a team of their own selectors who’ll be representing the spirit of each individual tribe.

With a truly different day and night program, the carefully curated lineup will see over 100 emergings and established queer, non-binary, and trans artists between the day, night, crews, and stage hosts. From local talent to globally revered greats from the LGBTQI+ community, Body Movements will truly celebrate the full spectrum of club culture.


Final tickets are on sale via Resident Advisor:


A.G – Aurora Halal – Cakes Da Killa – CCL – CEM – Crystallmess – D. Tiffany – DJ Paulette – Eris Drew – Gideön – Grove – Hannah Holland – ISAbella – Jasmine Infiniti -. Jaye Ward – Josh Caffe – Juliana Huxtable – Lady Starlight – Lakuti – MCMLXXXV – Nadine ArtoisProteus – Roza Terenzi – Rrose – Saoirse – Shy One – Sippin’ T – Skin – Tama Sumo – Angel D’lite – Vale Budino – and Very Special Guests


Octo Octa – LSDXOXO – UNiiQU3 – MAZE&MASTERS – Faboo DJs – Charlie Porter – Dan Beaumont – A Man To Pet – and Special Guests


Aisha Mirza – Amad – Amaliah – Anna Gram – Becky Stroke – Bonzai Bonner – Bouji Boi – Butch Queen – CHERIII – Cimmeri – ELLES – Ellie Stokes – Elliott – Fish Blood & Bones – Gin – Gina Breeze – Grace Sands -Gracie T – Hannah Hinkelbein – Harry Gay – High Hoops – Jamie Bull – Jay Jay Revlon – Jeanie Crystal – K-Matt – Lewis G. Burton – Marie Malarie – Mica Coca – Michael Upson – Michelle Manetti – My Panda Shall Fly – Nahi Mitti – Nvr_Mnd – No Nation – Oli Keens – Passer – Pig Ignorant – Prince Albert – Reece Spooner – Riva – Ryan Lanji – S Y R E E T A – Sayang – Seb Odyssey – Shay Malt – Shivum Sharma – Sita Shah – Sofie K – Suze Rosser – Wacha – Wax Wings – Zaleel – ZenZero


A D O N I S – Bitch Please! – Big Dyke Energy – Blanc – Chapter 10 – Club Rush – Femme Fraiche – Fiasco – Grace – Harpies – He.she.they Herrensauna – High Hoops – Homodrop – Homoelectric – Htbx – Hungaminferno – Koodeta – Let’s Have a Kiki – Lezzer Quest – Little Gay Brother – Love Muscle – Maricas – Nite Dykez – Pxssy Palace Presents “the Sanctuary” – Queer House Party * Sippin T Presents – Super Drama Records – Trust

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