Bomat ‘Doing All Right’

Artist: Bomat
Title: Doing All Right
Label: Nervous Records
Cat. #: NER25234
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Release Date: 19th March 2021

Following his ‘Classy Talk’ release on Nervous Records in 2020, German artist Bomat returns to the NYC imprint with a soulful cut entitled ‘Doing All Right’.

Moritz Bommert aka Bomat is a German composer, producer and DJ based originally from Cologne but based in Berlin. Moritz’s passion for house music started at a young age when he moved to Berlin to study and deep dive into the city’s vibrant musical landscape where he worked for several years as a music producer and DJ releasing music under various monikers until 2015. After a creative break, Moritz returned to the studio in 2018 to discover his very own sound and start his Bomat alias before teaming up with the legendary NYC label Nervous Records for his ‘Classy Talk’ that came out in 2020.

‘Doing All Right’ is an irresistible deep house cut that smoothly blends alluring keys and shuffling drums with luscious leads and stirring vocals.