Airwave ‘Trilogique Re-Invented’

Artist: Airwave
Title: Trilogique Re-Invented
Label: Bonzai Records
Cat: BP9782020
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 27th 2020
Sky Blues (2020 Re-Invented Icarus Mix)
Airwave Feat. Markus Schulz
Angelica (2020 Re-Invented Mix)
Beam (2020 Re-Invented Mix)
Sunday Break (2020 Re-Invented Mix)
Summer Out (2020 Re-Invented Mix)
People Just Don’t Care (2020 Re-Invented Progressive Mix)
Trilogique (2020 Re-Invented Mix)
Buzzer (2020 Re-Invented Mix)
Mice (2020 Re-Invented Mix)
Progressive Aggressive (2020 Re-Invented Mix)
Ping Pong (2020 Re-Invented Mix)

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The notorious trance and progressive producer Airwave debuts with the four CD album ‘Trilogique (Remastered & Re-Invented)’, featuring a great collection of his own productions remastered and recreated, that’s expecially the case of the CD number 4 that gets released also as split bundle under the title ‘Trilogique Re-Invented’.
These 11 productions have been reconstructed by the artist with a contemporary state of mind, giving to the whole sounds a wave of modernism and a refresh to the instruments used, preserving the vibe of the main themes.

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